January 31, 2012

winterSALON/2012: The White T-Shirt Project of Willem de Kooning students with Hyun Yeu at The Waag Society

winterSALON/2012: Painted presents 'Dance me your Secret....'

Painted will present during WinterSALON/ 2012: Painted Secret. 

Painted Secret is a limited edition of 24 related tops and shifts.
Painted Secret provides a space in which makers and wearers meet.
Painted Secret appears in a videoclip

Painted Secret is a series of delicate, fully fashioned knitted camisoles and 'shifts' in silk/cashmere yarn, worn as a secret to the skin. The pieces stem from the same pattern, machine-knitted in different colour variations.
They have evolved into unique pieces, by the addition of Bulgarian handlace and woven clothing elements.
The various hands and the machine complement each other in this work.

Painted Secret is a brief window of time where Painted will be ‘live’ at Droog,
Staalstraat 7b in Amsterdam: from Wednesday February 1st until Sunday February 5th 2012, during Droog
store opening hours ( daily 11:00-18:00, Sunday 12:00-17:00 )
During this time, Painted Secret can be tried, bought and ordered and Painted will work on the spot.

Painted Secret is a short film, a video clip of the band Toversex (Erzsi Pennings and Pieter Wackers) starring Natascha Dejong (SYTYCD) dancing Painted Secret to life.

The premiere of this film will be at the opening of WinterSALON/ on January 21st, 14:00 in Droog, and will be on show until February 5th.

The knitwear was commissioned for the collection and developed with Audax Textiles Museum Tilburg/Textilelab.

Led by Dutch designers Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts, Painted Series is a collective that blurs the lines between fashion and performance, and expands the idea of what a garment can be.

For more information visit www.paintedseries.com

January 28, 2012

winterSALON/2012: THIS SUNDAY at 3 pm 'Apocalypse29.1xxxxx' by Kevin Power & Jacob Plooij

Special SALON/ happening
Sunday (29/01) at 3pm at the Bijbels Museum - witness the living museum and contemporary music of the Anti-Delusion Mechanism.    
29.01.2012 - 3pm - Bijbels Museum
About the installation: 
The living museum. Contemporary music moves the objects of Kevin Power through the Jacob de Witzaal of the Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam. A recital for 11 musicians, singers and actors. With text excerpts from the Revelation to John and other classical text-sources. A salon of tones, textures and reverberating scriptures. The recital is realized as a collaboration between violinist Jacob Plooij, visual artist Kevin Power and the performance formation Anti-Delusion Mechanism.

winterSALON/2012: 'Garment Graffiti' by Thomas Voorn @ Bijbels Museum

Thomas Voorn creates colourful environmental friendly landscape pollution. He travels around with bags full of clothes, his alphabet, to create Garment Graffiti in a typical colour range.
In several photo series the garments and letters are subtly pushed to their limits. Garments are thrown into a duckweed ditch, hung up as washing in a winter forest and layed out on rooftops, creating surreal confrontations with words for a passerby. At times the garment typography appears as leftovers of a person undressed, looking for friction between clothes, text and context. Thomas Voorn developed his unique 'textile typography' in 2006, resulting in several projects and commissions. 

For winterSALON/2012 he creates a unique Garment Graffiti at the Bijbels Museum. 

About the designer
Thomas Voorn (Breda, 1977) is a designer | artdirector based in Rotterdam, Holland. He works in a multidisciplinary way to create design concepts and translates these into commercial prints, products and projects for a wide range of clients. 
In each project he demonstrates his contemporary vision on colours, prints and products with his signature style. Looking for a contemporary clash and match of colours and prints. Pushing borders and subtly twisting reality. Thomas Voorn winks to daily life.
Thomas Voorn works on commission base on design projects from his studio in Rotterdam. In the past ten years Thomas Voorn exhibited his work at Festival International des Arts de la Mode Hyeres France, Victoria & Albert Museum London, Arnhem Mode Biennale, London Fashion Week off-schedule, Tokyo Fashion Week showrooms, Crafts Council Gallery London and other (inter)-national galleries and museums.  

winterSALON/2012: Atelier Edwin Oudshoorn will open its doors today!

new atelier for fashion designer Edwin Oudshoorn at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal 97, Amsterdam
Open since today! Congratulations Edwin! (picture by Nick Lynch)

January 27, 2012

winterSALON/2012: 'Vows' by Romy Tielman (video) / Leonie Smelt (fashion)

VOWS from Romy Tielman on Vimeo.
creation of Leonie Smelt at Ons'Lieve Heer op Solder, on the back the video of Romy Tielman

winterSALON/2012: 'Cotton graffiti junction' & 'Wall-Words' by Fleur Goedendorp - Tassenmuseum Hendrikje

Fleur Goedendorp (b.1982) is a designer who works intuitively throughout her fascination for materials, constructions and patterns. Just by DOING it and looking closely at the features of her self made constructions, she gives shape and function to their constructions. 
An interesting feature of this braided cotton graffiti is that she discribes it as being hollow. She said: 'In my opinion this construction asks for an inside, and therefore a way to be heard and shaped. This is how these “wall-words” came to life.'  

Visit the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje to see Fleur Goedendorp special installation on one of the walls in the museum. Look around every corner to find it, because like the work of other participants in this museum, it is hidden between the permanent collection of bags and purses. 

winterSALON/2012: Filling Street Art by Robin de Vogel

Robin de Vogel, a third year student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy who has lived in Aruba, is fascinated by the tangible signs of time, particularly those observed in architecture. These 'signs of decay' as she calls it are considered to be a flaw or something ugly. And therefore ignored. Robin de Vogel started repairing the holes and cracks in the city center of Amsterdam with self made pieces of ceramics which she glazed in a decorative manner, highlighting the signs of decay in the architecture by making them into little ornaments. She said: "In my work I try to pose questions about perception. The pieces blend in with the architecture and their presence is subtle, but at the same time they have a delicate decorative quality that grabs the viewers' attention. The project poses questions about aesthetics and underlines the temporal aspect of life". Across the winterSALON/2012 locations, she has repaired a tile, a broken curb, missing cement, or a hole.    

January 26, 2012

T dear? Today (27/01) at 2pm -4pm your invited for tea at the 'White T-shirt Project' of Willen de Kooning at De Waag Society with fashion designer Hyun Yeu! We see you all there, and bring a cookie.


Today is the official opening of &FOAM store 'Fashion &Foam' - exhibition 'ONDER ANDEREN...' curated by Niels Klavers & designed by X+L and 20 Gerrit Rietveld Academie alumni

The &Foam Concept
&Foam is a unique concept store located at Vijzelstraat 78, selling photography magazines, books, prints and more. Four times a year, &Foam engages in collaborations with special partners on the interface between photography and other creative disciplines. 2012 begins with Fashion&Foam, and is followed by Music&Foam, Design&Foam and Film&Foam.

&FOAM and SALON/  - 'Onder Anderen...'
In collaboration with SALON/, Niels Klavers will present his exhibition 'ONDER ANDEREN…' in &Foam. For this, he has invited twenty alumni of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie to provide a distinctive item from their collection. The presentation, in the form of a unique installation, contains applied art pieces and original designs, and reflects the vision of the Academie's fashion department over the past twenty years. The design of the installation is by architectual bureau X+L, which was also involved in the design of &Foam's interior.

About Niels Klavers
Since september 2011 fashion designer Niels Klavers is in charge of the Fashion department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. From 1999 till 2011 he and Astrid van Engelen runned their own fashion brand Klavers van Engelen. Niels Klavers graduated at the Rietveld in 1995.

About X+L
X+L stands for Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel, two Amsterdam bassed designers who works together since 1987. Studio X+L, founded in 1996, focus on interior design, corporate spaces and gardens and stage design. For SALON/Design in 2011 they created a special installation for Klavers van Engelen at Droog, Amsterdam.

&Foam partners
Special thanks to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Hedgren, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Igepa, JOOT Books, Lex Lijstenmakerij, Oschatz Visuelle Medien, Rush Hour, SALON/, Snijder Schilderwerken, The One Minutes, Vandejong, X+L.

January 25, 2012

winterSALON/2012: 'Dis/-Functional Fragmanted Wardrobe' - Femke de Vries @ Geelvinck/Hinlopenhuis

During winterSALON/2012 product designer Femke de Vries - alumnus of ArtEZ Fashionmasters - presents in museum Geelvinck a series of constructions in which she uses ‘contexts where clothes exist beyond its wearer’, as a starting point.

Most of the works by Femke de Vries are fashion related, some in result other in process. Her multidisciplinary approach of fashion related values started an ongoing process in which she questions the myths of products, (context, temporality, definition) and refers to the subjective view of the artist and public. By doing so, she tries to show hidden meanings, myths. She explains: "Myths, according to Roland Barthes, submit what is considered as natural, universal and self-evident. Though this is actually culturally and historically determined and therefore not natural or self-evident”.
Therefore her works aren’t developed with the aim to be final. The products, installations and publications are mostly fragments of a process in which meaning and definition is questioned. She often, to challenge the process, chooses a tightly constructed starting point to see what happens when executed. Like ‘making sure a product refers to nothing beside itself’ or ‘reducing the role of the designer to a minimum’.

Femke de Vries exhibited before in Margreeth Olsthoorn, Stroom Den Haag, Droog, Moonlife Foundation and Concept store, Design Miami, MetropolisM, WDKA, View2 Magazine, DDW, Ein magazin uber orte, SPRMRKT, and Whatspace and more.

more info: http://www.femkedevries.com/wintersalon.html


26 JANUARY (thursday)
Special opening & presentation "Collectie Arnhem"
time: 19 pm
location: the former Royal Mews at Lauriersgracht 152

26, 27 & 28 JANUARY (thursday till saturday)
'The White T-Shirt Project’ with 40 students of Willem de Kooning Academy
time: 12 - 17 pm
De Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam

27 JANUARY (friday) and 3 FEBRUARY (friday)
'Work in progress : Still Dark' - a project of textile and interior designer Femke van Gemert
time: 12pm - 17 pm
location: Museum Geelvinck/ Hinlopen huis

28 JANUARY (saturday)
'Atelier Edwin Oudshoorn' From the 28th January onwards open
time: every day from 12am - 17pm
location: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 97, Amsterdam

28 JANUARY (saturday)
design tech-workshop 'Hypercrafting Fashion' by Fablab -De Waag Society
time: 11am - 17 pm
location: Nieuwmarkt 4 , Amsterdam. Admission workshop € 75,- per designer with a SALON/ ticket, including lunch. more informaton: http://events.waag.org/fablab-2/hypercrafting-fashion/

28 JANUARY (saturday)
Anti Fashion Anti Fur Party
location: Overtoom 301, Tickets €5. See also www.antifashionparty.com and www.freefashion.com

29 JANUARY (sunday)
Presentation, music and performance by Kevin Power, Jacob Plooij and Anti-Delusion Mechanism
time: 15 pm
location: Bijbelsmuseum

29 JANUARY (sunday)
Mens Club
location: Bar Ludwig II, Reguliersdwarsstraat 37
time: from 20 pm till onwards

31 JANUARY (thuesday)
Show "Leonie Smelt"
location: De Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt
time: Invitation Only

1 FEBRUARY - 5 FEBRUARY (wednesday untill sunday)
Painted Secrets - garments & film, a LIVE presentation
location: Droog, Staalstraat 7b
time: 12 pm till 18 pm

4 and 5 FEBRUARY
Conny Groenewegen LIVE! Sponsored drinks by Campari
time: 12 - 17 pm
location: Lauriersgracht 152, Koninklijke Paardenstallen

5 FEBRUARY (sunday)
Closing of winterSALON/2012: Show "Mattijs van Bergen" & "Club Brillant"
time & location: invitation only or “like” at Facebook/ Club Brillant

winterSALON/2012: 26/01 COLLECTIE ARNHEM presents Age Of Aquarius (off schedule presentation)

COLLECTIE ARNHEM, de jaarlijks terugkerende collectie ontworpen door 3e jaars studenten Fashion Design van ArtEZ, wordt off schedule gepresenteerd. Dit betekent: buiten het schema van de Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) en op een eigen locatie: Lauriersgracht 152, in het gebouw van de Voormalige Koninklijke Paardenstallen
Het thema van deze 14e collectie is Age Of Aquarius. De productie van deze collectie ligt nu voor de tweede keer in handen van de Arnhem Fashion Factory in samenwerking met het ROC Rijn IJssel. 
De studenten presenteren de collectie zowel tijdens een show (voor besloten kring) als in een expositie gedurende de winterSALON/2012, een onafhankelijk mode evenement dat deels gelijk loopt met de AFW, maar waar op verrassende wijze verschillende kunst -en designdisciplines worden gepresenteerd op bijzondere locaties in de stad .
Let op: De expositie en SALON/ zijn voor iedereen toegankelijk. Passe-partout tickets a 15,- via www.salon1.org/tickets, geldig voor alle winterSALON/2012 locaties, waaronder van COLLECTIE ARNHEM.

January 24, 2012

winterSALON/2012: 26-28/01: presentation HYUN YEU workshop 'The White T-Shirt Project' with 40 students of Willem de Kooning Academy @ De Waag Society

Together with the help of fashion designer Hyun Yeu of Ado Les Scents forty first year students transformed a white t-shirt into a new creation. At De Waag Society at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam you can see only for a few days the results of this workshop during winterSALON/2012, started today!

ONLY on the 26, 27 and 28th of January 2012.

January 22, 2012

winterSALON/2012: Desiree Hammes 'Follow me into the nowhere' - embroidery art in blacklight

Is this the under or upper side of Desiree's embroidery? 
Embroidery artist Desiree Hammen (1976) studied at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and is trained at the famous Ecole Lesage in Paris, France. In her work she combines haute couture techniques with DIY skills, exploring the beauty of imperfection. For her punk and intuitive style she can be called the enfant terrible of haute embroidery couture techniques for taking traditional crafts to another level.
During winterSALON/2012 Desiree Hammen created a special piece, called 'Follow me into the nowhere', inspired by song lyrics of Crystal Castles. Intrigued by the fact that in embroidery the bottom part is as beautiful as the visual part but never showed, she turned things upside down by focussing what's litteraly under the surface. And not removed the treads - a tabboo in terms of haute couture! Desiree explains: "If one embroiders a cloth there always is an upper side and a bottom side. While working I discovered that all these loose and unfinished threads on the bottom side form an interesting interplay. Thereafter I started developing this interplay on purpose in order to integrate the two sides of the embroidery frame into one work. The work is illuminated by blacklight, or UV light. This light shines through the matter (surface) and in this way it creates a world like a galaxy."

Visit winterSALON/2012 and the Bijbels Museum to see it yourself: www.salon1.org/tickets

More info www.desireehammen.nl

winterSALON/2012: 'Your Opinion, My Opinion' by Ken Wolff (video artist)

Video still from 'your opinion my opinion' (2012)
Wolff Independents/Ken Wolff
'Ungraspable communication; the understandings of send and received information between two or more individuals. An interpretation of what is being considered understood in an act of a conversation'. With these words Ken Wolff describes his video 'Your opinion, My opinion' he created for winterSALON/2012, exhibited in the Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam. 
The video shows a woman and a man, standing across each other, saying nothing. Their facial expression we cannot see due to their black painted faces. Only for a moment a flash of lightning reveiles animated eyes, nose, cheekbones of the models.
This video is about non verbal communication, Ken Wolff explains. He deliberately casted a woman and a man because they often have another way of expression, what can lead to miscommunication.  
Ken Wolff (Aruba, 1983) is a visual artist and VJ currently living in Amsterdam and is studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. His work moves between video art, hand drawings and Animation with a sense of raw, playful, yet professional edge and is mainly influenced by his Caribbean descent. His company Wolff Independents is a media production company focusing on creative videos, animations and short films.

winterSALON/2012: Marga Weimans' exploration of shape and ultimate luxury goods @ Willet-Holthysen & Ons'Lieve Heer Op Solder

Marga Weimans - Ons'Lieve Heer op Solder
Marga Weimans-Willet-Holthuysen

Marga Weimans (b.1970, Rotterdam) is an international oriented designer that expands herself to multiple disciplines including fashion, architecture and fine arts.

Weimans graduated at the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts with her collection 'The Power Of My Dreams’ (2005), of which two designs are displayed at the Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder during WinterSalon/2012. This collection shows the power of dreaming, convinced by the idea what you dream is who you are. In this collection love, fame and success – three elements we all dream of – is reflected in the creations, but the key theme is also the dreams of strong black woman in today’s society. Weimans designs symbolize the eccentricity, political incorrectness and dignity that come to play analyzing the contemporary black woman.

Furthermore, Marga Weimans will present an installation in Museum Willet Holthuysen during winterSALON/2012, which is called 'Hermès Bag by Night'. This object form an exploration of shape and first experimental study on ultimate luxury goods, the obsession with such handbags, the texture of crocodile leather, and classical and most sought after shapes in the market, but distill such aspects to interiors and the facades of buildings. This object was exhibited in TENT Rotterdam.  

Weimans pushes the boundaries of the fashion industry with her collections varying from haute couture to pret-a-porter, architectural showpieces and minimalistic dresses. She wants to show her personal development and innovation in her creations. She incorporates elements of nature and space, using earth tones and natural fabrics. She works with 3D perspectives and her designs include materials like wood, iron, resin and fabrics mixed with fiberglass.

Weimans graduated in 2005 as a fashion designer at the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her graduation collection The Power Of My Dreams won the i-D award in 2005 which is organized by worldwide fashion magazine i-D. With this collection she was also nominated for the Design Prize Rotterdam. Weimans' work is purchased by and exhibited at the Dutch Groninger Museum. Her collections were presented in two haute couture weeks in Paris and in several exhibitions in in the Netherlands.

Order your tickets for winterSALON/2012 at www.salon1.org/tickets.    

opening winterSALON/2012 with Victoria Koblenko (video)

winterSALON2012: Jowy Maasdamme/ ISEEJANEMARY

Ever since Jowy Maasdamme from Iseejanemary can remember holding a pencil she was and still is completely and utterly smitten with drawing.
Her parents were always supportive of her hobby but didn’t see it as making it a career, she didn’t either growing up as a teenager on Aruba drawing just wasn’t something you would pursue back then.
After finishing High school she moved to Holland and did what was expected from her, she studied economics and law, and finished both.

Jowy: “ After receiving my diploma’s I didn’t feel a thing and that was when it hit me I was still haunted by my obsession, so after 6 years I started drawing again. I didn’t draw better, I just drew differently and it freed me up. It reminded me of when I was drawing as a kid. Guided by this feeling I started to knock on doors...knocking very hard and very loud.

While madly inspired by fashion she followed up on drawing using pencil and ink.

Jowy:” I have always associated fashion with my mood, emotions and my personality and this leaked into my illustrations very naturally.
When I draw I don’t worry about physics and the proportions don’t have to be accurate. I don’t really care about all that.
Drawing for me is about emotion: It’s always an interesting challenge to see if you can create a character that’s got emotion.”

By looking at her illustrations it’s clear that Jowy is into outcasts and shortcomings in people physique: a crack between the teeth, eyes that are too far apart each time trying to find a delicate balance of creepiness that matches her eye for mythical (sur)realism.

Jowy: “ This perception of dark beauty determines my style and allows me to create my own mad little world where there is no distinction in what I draw and who I am.”

After being featured in different fashion magazines Jowy got the opportunity to design a line of t-shirts for Blend Magazine, and slowly but surely she realized something others had already anticipated, using her talent at illustrations for more than just a hobby.

Jowy: “ For Wintersalon12 I’m working with two madly talented friends: Diantha Rodrigues Pereira (http://olgafeather.tumblr.com/) en Raúl Maduro on a piece titled: Punch me to bits or love me to pieces. I’d like for it to be a surprise, so I’m not spilling the beans just yet. I will say that it’s going to be different than my other works because it involves mixed media. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be wild.”
The piece GOD IS DEAD. I KILLED HIM & I'M GLAD, is about sharing the experience of finding one's self. A phenomenon that no human can escape but we all forget. The purpose of the piece is to depict the artists personal journeys from 'Outside to Self' by using JANEMARY (Illustrator Jowy Maasdamme's brain child) as a personal guinea pig. The added video art as well as the sound design are aimed at illustrating JANEMARY's universe in which she searches & collects her pieces to get back to her true essence.

The artists journeys & JANEMARY's journey from ISEE to IFEEL are the aftermath of the murder of the God outside. The implosion. 

You already SEE JANEMARY, now come feel her.
This project is a collaboration:
Jowy Maasdamme/ ISEEJANEMARY (Illustration)
Olga Feather (Video Art)
Raul Maduro (Sound design)