June 10, 2012

SALON/maastricht: The diary canvasses of Branko Popovic at Scope13

Branko Popovic is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and one of the founders of Maastrichts unique fashion event FASHIONCLASH. In 2005, he graduated from the fashion/textile department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. His work consists of fashion collections and autonomous work like photography, illustrations and drawings.
Once a year, during FashionClash, he shows his fashion collection consisting meanly theatrical show pieces, because Popovic explains he likes to balance between non-wearable clothes, the show itself and the experience of making the collection. At Scope13 in the Heggenstraat he showed five paintings. Each painting is like a diary; for months he uses it as a memo. Literally. Each diary canvas was the starting point of a collections.

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SALON/Maastricht: MARRES !!! LAST DAY!!!

Fabian von Spreckelsen:
Gazing and dreaming into an Indian summer full of colorful leaves  
coated garden. Our eye catches a point of new beginning and for remembrance. A Phoenix nest: Phoenix Nest - Where our memories are laid to rest, Where our new thoughts are evoked, Tranquilizing, Evaporating, Energizing, Transforming our transience.
Every Phoenix nest is unique and is handcrafted with exclusive Corten Steel, molded with fire into a one of a kind masterpiece. A portable fireplace as a neat outdoor fireplace resembling natures Fire Mountains.
‘a personal experience of nature in the urban environment’

Led by Dutch designers Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts, Painted Series is a collective that blurs the lines between fashion and performance, and expands the idea of what a garment can be.

The result of an investigation that began with questioning the relevance and meaning of luxury and the luxury-industry in our modern consumption-driven society, Silent Shout consists of a family of characters that aspire to redefine our understanding of what luxury should be all about.

Based on the role that the dandy assumes in society and the way he thinks about his essence, these personalities represent a vision that is sensitive towards the concept of ‘instrumental materialism’ (the pursuit and owning of objects for individual and social meaningful reasons), the role that accessories and jewellery play in their interaction with humans, and the potential of emptiness relative to creation, refinement and meaningfulness.

The focus lies ultimately on characters depicting differing manifestations of this vision, while in transition between the experimental and the classic state, the latter being the one in which there is absolute harmony between the different components and which would represent the fulfillment of luxury as creature: a creator.

Kaspar Hamacher uses fire to create objects. Fittingly named ‘ausgebrannt’ which means ‘burned out’ in german. Tree trunks have been cut into segments varying in length.
The bark is stripped from the exterior and fire is then used to hollow out parts of the trunk to create legs. Kaspar moved back to the forest where he now runs his atelier. This sculpture brought him back to his roots.


Embroidery artist Desiree Hammen (1976) graduated at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and trained at the famous Ecole Lesage in Paris, France. In her work she combines haute couture techniques with DIY skills, exploring the beauty of imperfection. For her punk and intuitive style she can be called the enfant terrible of haute embroidery couture techniques for taking traditional crafts to another level.
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