December 2, 2011

Telka van Dodewaard - exhibition ´Muhe Frida´ during AIS SALON/ Aruba

Anne Bosman tells about his eccentric, surreal mens wear collection: ´This collection recalls the sense of a childhood freedom´

by Marij Elisabeth Rynja  

During AIS SALON/ in Aruba last november Anne Bosman presented his graduation collection he made at ArtEZ. Between all other participants of the so called ´Dutch Group Show´ Anne was the most conceptual and maybe even most bizar fashion collection for the people of Aruba who in general likes bikini´s, bright colors, and feminine glamour clothing. But now the audience could see what Dutch fashion and fashion design holds more, even when it comes to men´s wear. 

Anne Bosman was over the moon when he heard he could show at Aruba, he flew over for just three days to witness this presentation. Anne Bosman tells us about his ideas and proces behind this remarkable men´s wear collection. 

Anne Bosman:  “A while ago I saw a serial portraits of Japanese emperors, they were all pictured sitting, where their kimono was folded to a three dimensional piece of art. So, it all started with a fascination for dictators and emperors. It is the way they’re dressed, very powerful, big and strong. Sometimes a little bit feminine. Funnily, this image also reminded me of children who wrap fabrics around their body and creating their own sculptures and stories. 
To research my silhouettes I used two ways:  the first one was to try on an oversized kimono in every possible way, also in combination with other fabrics; the second was to increase baby clothing to my own nowadays size. This brings total new silhouettes for men, because a pattern for a baby has other proportions then which for adult man. During my research the silhouettes also reminded me off when I was a little boy running through gardens, wearing my father´s jacket. I felt huge! Or, I putted on two towels and I became Julius Caesar!  With this collection I wanted to recall that powerful sense, that feeling I had as a child, but now for grown up men.” 

more information and pictures, visit his website