September 24, 2013

Work at Sanjing #21

Borre Akkersdijk, Conny Groenewegen, Femke de Vries and Nathan Zhang are on exhibit at Sanjing #21
Borre Akkersdijk at work with volunteering Students

Borre Akkersdijk at work with volunteering Students

Femke de Vries has installed her work
Conny Groenewegen working on her presentation
Work in progress by Conny Groenewegen
Conny Groenewegen, who is a fashion designer by trade, designed this great lamp for her studio at Sanjing #21
(Photo's by © JW Kaldenbach)

Work in Progress at Tan'er 40

Work in Progress at Tan'er 40, done by Klaas Kuiken and Dieter Volkers. (Photo's by © JW Kaldenbach)

Dieter Volkers putting up the pictures of the people who worked with them on their "teapot" project
Dip Samples
Dipped Chinese lanterns

Next to their project and the courtyard they also fixed the  "curated" space

Visited by fellow designers

At the Factory with Chris Kabel

(Photo's by © JW Kaldenbach)

In Search for Mops

Today landscape artist and urban landscape designer Ernst van der Hoeven needed to go to the flower market in search for mops, the ones to clean the floor with. His project for SALON/BJ will be made with the most pretty ones he could find, all of them used. Walking through the Dashilar area he noticed that every house has one or two, and they come in many variations: Self made of re-used t-shirts, factory made with all kinds of colors, textile, ropes etc. At first he traded with the locals, new ones for used ones. But he needed to up the speed of his collecting, you can imagine that it takes a while to explain in Mandarin that you want to have a used, dirty mop. So, later on he also bought some used ones from the Chinese. Well, the flower market seemed a good place for his final search. Yours truly, Mimi Berlin, came along to see how that worked out….

Ernst also found this used gem for his fellow participant of SALON/BJ Frank Bruggeman, who works with this kind of color blue AND plants (putting it in a tiny nutshell)
Ernst and Greg are presenting: The mop collection. (Photo by © JW Kaldenbach)

Work in Progress at Dashilar

Work in Progress, some of the designers arrived a couple of days ago and already started working on their project. They are preparing and creating their work inside the exhibition spaces.

Effie and Seline are marking up bamboo sticks for the color scheme that NOMAN will place throughout one of the larger (office) buildings in Dashilar

Sander Wassink bought several sneakers (KO's) in Beijing. His idea is to create new designer shoes with them.

Viola and Nico are taking the shoes apart for re-use: The newly designed pair of shoes will be an assembly of several fake shoes later on. We'll keep you posted on the results...