February 6, 2013

winterSALON/2013: Adrian Esparza

Above: Esparza's installation at Kabinet (Hotel Droog)
(photocredits: JW Kaldenbach)

Adrian Esparza (1970) was born and raised in El Paso and returned here to live soon after earning his graduate degree from the California Institute for the Arts. He garners much of his source material and artistic inspiration from his borderland experience, and the artist's daily encounter with this political divide seems to nourish his perpetual challenge of generally accepted boundaries and hierarchies.

winterSALON/2013: Marie-Jose Jongerius

Above: Marie-Jose Jongerius at Hotel Droog. (photocredits: JW Kaldenbach)

Marie-Jose Jongerius (1970) studied photography at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (1992-1996) and completed a Master's degree in photography at the AKV-St.Joost Academy in Breda in 2001. From 2002 to 2006 Jongerius lived in Los Angeles. Next to her autonomous work she photographs commissioned work for various clients, such as New York Times Magazine, Art + Auction and VPROgids.