August 16, 2014

Salon/Big Bang; Final Week

Joris Landman posted this great Salon/Big Bang review on his FaceBook Page;

Last week to see the physical manifestations of Karin Arink, the natural wonder of Elke Baggen, the iconic totems of Mimi Berlin, the broken icons of Marc Bijl, the answered prayers of Frank Bruggeman, the magical mysterie of Martin Butler & Floris Didden, the close encounter of Crystal Z Campbell, the real spirit of Maria van Daalen, the blind faith of Esther Dorhout Mees, the ordinary glory of Marleen Elenbaas, the fractured space of Liselore Frowijn, the black holes of Conny Groenewegen, the daily devotions of Maartje Jaquet, the manmade perfection of Desiree Hammen, the supernatural sunshine of Chris Kabel, the timespace continuum of Germaine Kruip, the styrofoam saint of Klaas Kuiken & Peter van der West, the holographic fairies of MAISON the FAUX, the fantastic fabrications of MaryMe-JimmyPaul, the philosophic profanity of Joris Landman, the dark soul of Katja Mater, the cosmic vibrations of Jef Montes & Simone Albers, the solid faith of Navid Nuur, the warp-speed engine of NOMAN, the free spirit of O n e L o v e (Desiree Hammen & Jarwo Gibson), the exquisite exorcism of PAD (Dinie Dinie Besems & Patty Groot Bluemink), the reverse reverence of rENs, the transcendental trance of Siba Sahabi, the iconoclastic interests of Manolis Tsipos, the worst fear of J.C. Herman Ceramics, the miniature mandalas of Robin De Vogel, the natural state of Juliette Warmenhoven and the ritual obsessions of Margret Wibmer

Thank you very much Joris!!
Joris Landman's work is on exhibit at the Oude Kerk  

Celestial Teapot project at the Oude Kerk