July 7, 2011

TODAY IT'S KOOS PREMIERE at SALON/2 & DROOG - "People in the 80s were like: what the fuck is this!"

Koos have a strong opinion when it comes to Fashion and The Netherlands back in the 60s. He said: "Holland was not set up for fashion [...] woman where like cows there (in The Hague, red.), all they want was a skirt with extra pieces in front so the knees would not wear out to fast." 
When he saw Breakfast at Tiffanies Koos new he would move to New York permanent and leave Holland and their dull fashion tastes behind. 

Further in the interview he talks about his famous Bill Cosby sweaters and said: "If you look at it now, it looks familiar, but when I did this in the eighties there was nothing like this! So people just freaked out and said 'What the fuck is that!' [...] There is a very thin line between that it's just really awful and really genius".....

Come to DROOG today and meet Koos van den Akker, who will be interviewed live...by you, by professionals, by students....

Salon/2 presents: LAND & INDIVIDUALS - Huize Frankendael

Maybe you think: I have seen it all in the city centre of Amsterdam where most of our SALON/2 locations are. But, you're wrong! At the edge of Amsterdam Huize Frankendael is located, where other participants of Salon/2 presents their current work. Not to be missed! And around Frankendael you can have a great lunch or dinner at one of the better restaurants we have in Amsterdam, like De Kas or Merkelbach. And Frankendael has a big park for a picknick or a walk, so culture and leisure works well here, at the Watergraafsmeer. 

At Frankendael you can watch LAND & INDIVIDUALS, two fashion brands who are conceptual and fashion foreward. 

'A space where collections originate that aren't bound to time'.

Throughout its history, fashion has shown that the basic construction of clothing is timeless. Archetypal clothing pieces like the jacket, the shirt and the trousers have never lost their true form and function. Within these basic constructions, Land searches for the most interesting balance between all the separate parts that make a garment, by which the boundaries are indicated by functionality and wear ability. They represent an infinite source of inspiration for our designs. 

About the artists: 
After graduating from Montaigne, Amsterdam in 2003, Linda Erkens established her own clothing label Land. Since then she has been successfully designing and selling her collections. While living in Antwerp she paused Land to develop herself further and to focus on the business side of fashion. When she moved back to Amsterdam, she met Guido Rijkse.  With more energy, more inspiration, more laughs, more ambitions and more magic, they decided to continue Land together in 2010. Now they are working on their third collection and exploring the possibilities to build Land worldwide. www.landwebsite.nl


Individuals is a changing collective of creative minds. By combining talent we inspire and tell a story. The story of Individuals is one where every end is a new beginning. Each six months a new generation adds its own unique chapter to the continuing fashion story, that is Individuals. Individuals eleventh collection 'Nature's Child - Consummatum est' will be presented at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week in July 14th at 3pm. This is the latest chapter in the Individuals fashion story. 
Two different worlds collide and combine; liberty and inevitability. Vulnerability is revealed in the refined elements of the powerful but delicate merging silhouettes. The two key words are feeling & sensuality and these are teased out in the perfection of the handcrafted raw edges. The exhibition at SALON/2 tells the story of the process of the creation of 'Nature Child'. www.individualsatamfi.nl

Adres: Middenweg 72, Amsterdam.