July 20, 2011

Save the dates! SALON/ in 2012

Revolution In Material Apparel - RIMA - an amazing finale for Salon/2

July 17th R.I.M.A. (Revolution In Material Apparel) sealed SALON/2, what has been an hugh succes. Salon/2 was the 6th edition of Salon/ in one year time. At one of the most beautiful location the city of Amsterdam has to offer, Huize Frankendael, SALON/participants, /fans, /initiators and /visitors could witness a spectacular installation of R.I.M.A. A long, knotted red ribbon guided us through the flours and salons of Frankendael, ending at the coach house where we walked between the creations of RIMA and all kinds of technical clothing patterns. 
The R.I.M.A designs are all about possibility and experimentation. Perhaps the lining of a jacket is more interesting than the outer. Perhaps a moving blanket, typically used to wrap furniture, is soft and warm enough to make a brilliant winter coat. Perhaps silk ties can be stitched together to make a brilliant blazer, or three pairs of jeans can be unpicked to make a dress. R.I.M.A uses dead stock and vintage garments and fabrics exclusively for their clothes. These fabrics are sourced from a wide variety of people and places. For instance, many of R.I.M.A's fabrics came from jobbers, small batch manufacturers who work for large fashion designers and brands. When the production run is finished there are often considerable amounts of these custom, one-of-a-kind fabrics left over. They also repurpose a variety of secondhand and vintage garments.

SALON/ would like to thank everyone who has visited, participated, believed, supported and put a light on SALON/2 on blogs, websites, newspapers and magazines...the exposure, the reactions and the attention was more than we could have expected.

Salon/ hopes to see you again in January 2012 for our second winter edition: Winter/Salon! 

If you want to know more who's behind R.I.M.A., do look at the video: