July 12, 2014

SALON/Big Bang: Maria van Daalen at the Amstelkerk

 SALON/Big Bang: Maria van Daalen at the Amstelkerk during the second opening

veve Milokan
Couldn't resist doing something funny for once - same image you sometimes find on a drapo
G for God, for Geomancy and much more...
veve for Manbo Metwes Erzulie Freda Dahomey
drapo Dambala / Bosou (artist: Maxon Scylla)
drapo Agwe (artist: Evelyn Alcide)
veve for Bawon/Gede
veve Milokan

"The drawings that were made, are all according to traditional designs [in Haitian Vodou]. These are called 'veve'. There are lots and lots of examples online, cf. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veve Note: There are 401 spirits (but this is a mythical number and it's probably far larger). Every spirit and group of spirits has his/her/its own veve. Every Vodou congregation (a 'House') has different veve. A Manbo or Houngan (priest) should know hundreds of veve by heart and be able to make them like I did yesterday." at the Amstelkerk 2nd opening of Salon/Big Bang  _Maria van Daalen
(photocredits: Gijs Stork)

SALON/Big Bang: Martin Butler & Floris Didden at the Oude Kerk

SALON/Big Bang: Martin Butler & Floris Didden at the Oude Kerk
In a Landscape (Digital print on Wood 2014) is a collaboration project between artist and stage director Martin Butler and digital painter Floris Didden. Inspired by early 19th centuary theatre design, Floris created a three dimensional digital painting allowing you to enter into a fairy realm. Using the classical stage principles of Trompe-l'œil, and forced perspective, the viewer is able to peer into and enter this represenation of a world between worlds. The piece was orginally commissioned for the mediamatic lightness exhibition " Fays, Fairies and Other Magical Creatures".

About: Floris Didden
is a digital painter and art director and is the founder of Karakter, the twice emmy award
winning gaming visual studio, best known for their visual design works for the television series Game of Thrones.

About: Martin Butler is a British born interdisciplinary artist and stage director. He was trained in Drama at
Manchester University, and then later Choreography and Performance at Amsterdam School of the Arts, in the Netherlands. His work always bridged and combined various disciplines, dance, theatre, music, film, performance, new media, and fashion, and through this interdisciplinary approach his work explores the new dramatic that the combination of different genres facilitate.