June 29, 2011

Lola Pagola will lauch new website + exhibition curated by Lola Pagola during SALON/2

Lola Pagola 'feather shoe '- foto Inez van Lamsweerde
In the eighties, when there were hardly any designer shoe brands, two Dutch designers Marijke Bruggink and Marlie Witteveen presented a collection of women shoes, the likes of which had never been seen before. During the intervening decade, Lola Pagola created a number of unforgettable designs, creating handmade shoes that were fresh, fashionable, sexy, confident and funny. Although internationally they had great responses and Lola Pagola shoes were sold in city's like New York, they decided to stop Lola Pagola in 1998. But, as they said in an interview with Milou van Rossum in 2009 they maybe stopped to early, because their designs will be still in fashion these days. 
Will the Lola Pagola brand ever return to dress our feets?

lolapagola.nl - a digital archive and research resource
On the 1st of July www.lolapagola.nl goes online! A digital archive and research resource. Also on the 1st of July a small exhibition of Lola Pagola shoes will be presented during Salon/2 in Museum van Loon in Amsterdam. 
Lola Pagola personally invited five talented shoe designers which they admire for their original views and aesthetics. One of them is a designer where it all started: Thea Cadabra's Cloud & Rain - shoe of 1979.
Who are the other shoe designers Lola Pagola personally presents to the audience of Salon/2?
Find out! Visit SALON/2 or go to www.lolagagola.nl on the 1st of July!  
The Cloud and Rain shoe, 1979

Thea Cadabra exhibited this shoe at The Shoe Show, an exhibition organised by the UK Crafts Council in 1980. After seeing this exhibition Marijke and Marlie were inspired to find out how to design and make shoes themselves. Thea's shoes all tell stories: the Cloud and Rainbow Shoe is a joyful commentary on the changeable British climate. Thea's optimism shows through with lots of blue sky between the clouds. The appliqué is in prismatic plastic to create the rainbow effect, beads rain down from the clouds, lightning strikes, but the sun still manages to peak through! Thirty-two years later, Thea has made a radical departure and is now launching a small line of colourful and pretty low-heeled shoes.

Lola Pagola  'fur shoes'- foto Inez van Lamsweerde

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