June 9, 2012

Upstairs at Marres!

Felix Baumsteiger captures his life and environment in a very intuitive way, presenting a world where the distinction between reality and fiction is blurred, as if the viewer is watching a private photo book of memories and dreams. The exhibition consists of a selection of images, both early pieces and recent works, that reflect the way we envisage past experiences in our minds. 
Women’s label Conny Groenewegen offers innovation in knitwear. Her signature ‘soft-tech’ concept combines modern technology with traditional handwork, while blending a straightforward ‘Dutch’ approach with an international appeal and sophistication. The Conny Groenewegen label is nourished by her creativity and ability to develop new techniques and possibilities in fashion -- assuring the best possible materials, quality and integrity in each design. These uncompromising standards require a deep understanding of time, meticulous attention to details and a close working relationship with a network of craftspeople and creative professionals. Since establishing her brand in 2006 Conny Groenewegen has worked with other international designers and brands such as Alexander van Slobbe, Yoshiki Hishinuma and Droog Design.
Esther de Groot was born in Enschede, the Netherlands in 1981. She graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven (2007-2009). After graduating she started her own Studio at the Kanaalstraat in Eindhoven. Besides working for different clients as Bas Kosters Studio en TU/e she also works on projects of her own in the field of Graphic Design and Character Design/Storytelling.
Most of the works by Femke de Vries are fashion related, some in result other in process. Her multidisciplinary approach of fashion related values started an ongoing process in which she questions the myths of products, (context, temporality, definition) and refers to the subjective view of the artist and public. By doing so, she tries to show hidden meanings, myths. She explains: "Myths, according to Roland Barthes, submit what is considered as natural, universal and self-evident. Though this is actually culturally and historically determined and therefore not natural or self-evident”.
Therefore her works aren’t developed with the aim to be final. The products, installations and publications are mostly fragments of a process in which meaning and definition is questioned. She often, to challenge the process, chooses a tightly constructed starting point to see what happens when executed. Like ‘making sure a product refers to nothing beside itself’ or ‘reducing the role of the designer to a minimum’.
“My work is a reflection of what I see, how I perceive life around me and what kind of feelings and thoughts it causes in me. I see my photographs like some sort of window, they are stories and inspirations, which everybody may experience in a personal way. They should stimulate our fantasy and give space to enjoy feelings, memories and dreams in the present moment. It’s always a search for personal contact and meaning or for special moments of passion and intimacy, based on a silent dialogue between outer and inner perception. I wish to give a positive inspiration to the people around me and share my gratefulness and respect for the magic of the moment and the feeling of being.”