July 15, 2010

Salon Droog with Frozen Dutch

Frozen Dutch at Salon Droog a 
new way of building flavour with fun. 

Salon/1 : Freudenthal/Verhagen at the Montelbaans Toren

High up in a tower sits the work of Carmen Freudenthal (photographer) and Elle Verhagen (stylist). Both studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and have gone on to collaborate with fashion designers, performers and artists. Together Freudentha/Verhagen have broken down the constraints that come with fashion imagery and gone on to work with publications i-D, Dazed and Confused, Jalouse and worked with clients including Absolut Vodka, J&B and KesslsKramer...

Secret Garden is a foundation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Muslims. Established in Amsterdam, Secret Garden has been set up in December 1994, with the intention to reach and bring together young Muslims who are transgender, or have homosexual or bisexual feelings.

Check out more photos from the tower at the Salon/1 Facebook page...

More photos of yesterday's opening - Narayana S. Sewnandan

Thank you Narayana S Sewnandan for a beautiful series of pics from yesterday's opening. The support we have been receiving have been music to our ears. Thank you Amsterdam...


We all know how amazing Superfuture has been for revealing the world's best city secrets. Read Andreas Mueller's review on Salon/1 here, in their Supernews section. It sure did make us at Salon/1 blush with pride.

Watch the Salon/1 opening now on film

Thanks to Hub Urlings at Ceryx Projects everyone was able to be party to the opening of Salon/1.
Livestreaming took place across the globe from 10am CESTime.

Watch an edited version of the opening film here and listen to speeches by Gijs Stork and Charlotte Bik.

The Official Opening of Salon/1

It was a beautiful summer morning that welcomed some of Amsterdam's best dressed into Magazijn for the official opening of Salon/1. Initiators Cathal McKee, Gijs Stork and Manon Schaap showed curious guests through the first SALON/ for Antoine Peters exhibit The World Is Flat. Arriving in anticipation was Het Parool's Bregje Lampe, Destinationshops Robert Risteski and DFF's Angelique Westerhof, PR Jan Schoon, Brand Specialist Bram Claassen, Elle's Antoinette Degens, HTNK's Caarlo Wijnands, Rietveld's fashion director Anne-Grethe Filtenborg and de Volkskrant's Milou van Rossum.
The event was opened with a speech from ArtEZ Director of Fashion and Product Charlotte Bik. All photos were taken by JW Kaldenbach

SALON/1: Georgette Koning's review on A Shaded View...

Check out Georgette Koning's quick round up on a few of the Salon's previewing work during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Read all about it here