July 16, 2010


Look inside the boudoir of an Elle lady

One of this cities finest hotels, the 17th century Hotel Toren has opened its bridal suite doors for the use of Elle magazine and all those in possession of a Salon/1 passport. The suite itself is French opulence to a 't' with windows that overlook the hotel garden and delicious ensuite bathroom with spa.

But who has been staying here and why is her door left open?
Why are her clothes and precious things left for us to touch and feel?
Shall we look in the drawers, peek under the bed and sneak behind the dresser?
Is there someone watching?

See for yourself...

Elle stylist Antoinette Degens describes the Elle girl as possessing a wardrobe that is "a mix of all things vintage and lovely designer bits and pieces. She may have found something from the Prada collection or bought something home from a recent trip to Paris."

youasme- measyou at Salon/1

a conversation between two lovers, the most divine lines from life's most romantic movies and a darkened room to get lost in.... visit You As Me-Me As You at SALON/1 at Droog and find out about the clothing labels behind this project

Amsterdam: The One Place No One's Wearing Clogs

Spotted at the Salon/1 party is Bodil, who dressed her Dutch best for the occasion and was featured in Elle Online