July 19, 2010

Mode is...

Mode is...

een mogelijkheid om je identiteit te uiten. waar sta je voor, wat vind je belangrijk in het leven

een plaatje

aantrekkelijk... om aan te trekken

de optelsom der dingen
stof tot nadenken 

een lap stof voor, een lap stof achter

Salon/1 reviewed again...

Read about it here

180 Amsterdam thanks Salon/1

Thanks Manon, had a great day, thanks to you all for whipping this up! 

Salon/1 Features in IsWorks

Read all about it here 

July 18, 2010

Thank you from Manon, Cathal and Gijs - Salon/1

Thank you to all the contributors and Salon locations and all the people who have supported Salon/1 with kind words, enthusiasm and a love of all things beautiful. Manon, Cathal and Gijs x 

Salon Unit

on way to Salon Unit


On way to Salon Unit

Drinks @ Salon Unit

Salon Czar with contributions from Viviane Sassen and Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug

Salon Czar with contributions from Viviane Sassen and Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug

Salon Galerie Martin vam Zomeren

The last day of Salon/1 - a day to remember

Another beautiful piece at Salon Museum Van Loon

The work of Ferry Van Der Nat at Salon Museum Van Loon

The babies at Salon Museum Van Loon

The porcelain "Happy-Babies" statues by the Gem Kingdom are on exhibit at Museum van Loon

Corne Gabriels Salon Contributor

We love the girls of Salon/1

Enjoying some Bombay Sapphire at a Salon

Frozen Dutch at Salon Droog

Last day to see Inez van Lamsweerde & Vindoodh Matadin at Foam with your Passepartout

Salon contributor Corne Gabriels at Salon Droog

Salon Galerie Diana Stigter with CLARA VAN GOOL

Salon Droog

Marcha Huskes at Salon Galerie Diana Stigter

Butt Magazine at Salon Droog

Painted Series Salon Contributor

Salon Hotel de Toren

Last day of Salon/1 - Pick up your Passepartout now!!!

Salon location Kerkstraat

July 17, 2010

Just sold out - Dior at Salon Martin van Zomeren

Don't forget - You As Me Me As You

Spotted with a Salon/1 Passerpartout

Salon/1: Ronald van der Kemp at Anouk Beerents

Salon/1: Ronald van der Kemp at Anouk BeerentsSalon/1: Ronald van der Kemp at Anouk BeerentsSalon/1: Ronald van der Kemp at Anouk Beerents

Salon/1 Womenswear designer Ronald Van Der Kemp on exhibit at Anouk Beerents Antique mirror shop in Amsterdam (photocredits JW Kaldenbach)

Frozen Fountain for Salon/1

Going Dutch, Part Deux - Salon/1 in Daily Front Row

Going Dutch, Part Deux

Thank you for the fabulous write up in Daily Front Row!
Salon/1 is very flattered x

ArtEZ at Kerkstraat for Salon/1

Salon/2: Andreas Verheijen at Kabinet

Flower Engineer Andreas Verheijen has just completed his second work in Ferry van Der Nat's exquisite store Kabinet. Filled with antique one-off pieces and clothing from his archive of collectibles, Ferry was happy to share the Kabinet window with such beautiful artistry. Enjoy.

Helena and Anna of Salon/1 Headquarters

Dressed by the lovely Marcha Huskes these two dainty little beings are Helena and Anna at the Salon/1 headquarters. If you have registered, they will have your details and passport ready for your Salon/1 experience to begin. And even if you haven't registered, if you ask nicely, Helena and Anna will sell you a passport anyway. Go visit them at Herengracht 123 if you haven't already.

Salon Van Ravenstein

Check out the latest photos of the Mode is. tree at van Ravenstein along with snapshots of designer Christine Alberts and Stef Bakker just visit the Salon/1 Facebook page for more...

Salon/2 : Andreas Verheijen at the Gem Kingdom Flagship Store

Floral mastery is something Andreas Verheijen  can claim as his natural gift. Thanks to two locations, two sponsors (Just Chrysanthemum and Bloemen Bureau Holland) and several thousand cut flowers he has brought his gift to the nine streets of Amsterdam. Check out photos of both locations on the Salon/1 Facebook page or visit Gem Kingdom and Kabinet with your passport.

July 16, 2010


Look inside the boudoir of an Elle lady

One of this cities finest hotels, the 17th century Hotel Toren has opened its bridal suite doors for the use of Elle magazine and all those in possession of a Salon/1 passport. The suite itself is French opulence to a 't' with windows that overlook the hotel garden and delicious ensuite bathroom with spa.

But who has been staying here and why is her door left open?
Why are her clothes and precious things left for us to touch and feel?
Shall we look in the drawers, peek under the bed and sneak behind the dresser?
Is there someone watching?

See for yourself...

Elle stylist Antoinette Degens describes the Elle girl as possessing a wardrobe that is "a mix of all things vintage and lovely designer bits and pieces. She may have found something from the Prada collection or bought something home from a recent trip to Paris."