February 3, 2013

winterSALON/2013: Marga Weimans

Above: Weimans current installation at Droog. (photocredits: JW Kaldenbach)

Weimans graduated in 2005 at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. That same year she received the I-D Award for International Talent for her graduation collection Power of my Dreams, and has been nominated for several prestigious awards since.

Marga Weimans is a fashion house which explores and pushes the borders of fashion by incorporating elements form various other creative disciplines, such as architecture, industrial design and fine arts.

In her latest collection, which was the closing show of the Amsterdam Fashion Week, she explores the relationship between her personal DNA and the DNA of her fashion house. The voice-over informed us her fashion house must be related to her own genetic construction.

Magnified parts of a DNA string shaped in cube boxes, some with reminiscent cut-outs were pointing out the connection between Weimans and her fashion house.