July 9, 2014

SALON/Big Bang: Doorhout Mees at the Amstelkerk

SALON/Big Bang: Doorhout Mees at the Amstelkerk
Doorhout Mees

About: The label Dorhout Mees was founded by Dutch designer Esther Louise Dorhout Mees. After her studies at ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Arnhem and many years of working as a designer for established labels, such as Bruuns Bazaar and Tommy Hilfiger, it was time to start her own label.

Dorhout Mees is distinctive in its elegant style. It is feminine and conceptual, but wearability is always an important element. Organic forms contrasted sharp next to constructual forms. The base of all collections are prints, silk, wool and delicate knits. Combined with the use of wearable unconventional materials.

Fasinaction of the constant connection between body and material, covering and uncovering of the female body is always the starting point. Contradictions in structures, silhouette and textures are the essence of the collections. (photocredits: Mimi Berlin)


Opening Thursday July 10th : 12.00 - 18.00.



In his contribution to the Big Bang edition of Salon, Vonck delved deep
into his fascination and fear for the scientific method. First he follows
the “Lone Observers” on their quest for the exploration of human lust and
desire. He understands their affinity to moral seclusion and sees their
inclination towards ruthless objectivism.

Then he directs our attention towards the stars with a radio telescope his
father worked on as young engineer. And we see the grounds on which these
instruments of expectation and hope were build: “We are all Big Bang

At last Vonck presents us the man made star child. Our celestial prodigy
that will provide us with limitless energy and will finally elevate us
from our humble earth: “The Hot Fusion Seduction.”

The Resonator Exhibition at DITS is part of Salon Amsterdam, Big Bang
Edition. The works can be seen from 10th of July to 24th of August.

Hope to see you at Thursday, otherwise: The works are exhibited in an area
of Amsterdam that never sleeps. Come an see them in their nocturnal

SALON/Big Bang: Fracture Space by Liselore Frowijn

SALON/Big Bang: Fracture space by Liselore Frowijn at the Oude Kerk

During SALON/Big Bang fashion designer Liselore Frowijn will present her new collection
and fragrance. Liselore recently graduated cum laude at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in
Arnhem in 2013 on her bachelor of fashion design. With her final collection she won the
Frans Molenaar Couture Award and participated in the Festival International de Mode
et de Photographie à Hyères last April, where she won the Grand Prix with her design
for Chloé. This year she worked on several projects such as for Vlisco and participated on
several exhibitions. During the last months Frowijn worked on her new collection.
In her work Liselore is permanently searching for the clash on sportswear and luxury.
The concept of her new collection ‘’Fracture space’’ is based on the wardrobe of a woman
who is fully at ease with herself. She moves elegantly and dynamically in space, and lets no
person interrupt her energy. Instinctively she knows the base of pure luxury. The silhouette
is based upon biking-jackets, carried out in tweed, and finished with sporty pipings.
Liselore combined her own developed and hand painted fabrics with materials from the
outdoor industry, together with rich jacquards from Italy. With this collection she caught all vibrations of this enervating year: all bits and pieces that surrounded her and developed her signature. Like the auras of Kokoschka, his powerful paintings displayed the energy of his characters; he unrevealed their soul on almost an animal kind of way with his rough brush. His work inspired Frowijn to develop rhythmic prints, floral and striped, carried out in colours of the night. (photocredits: JW Kaldenbach)