September 25, 2013

Drinks in Dashilar

Drinks in Dashilar. Sabine Gimbrère invited all participants of SALON/BJ to come and celebrate the fact that the Dashilar location of BJDW was officially opened today. We had drinks and very good company at the 365 Inn Hostel.

Thank you Amsterdam Guest City of Beijing Design Week. (partypics by © Mimi Berlin)

Getting ready for the opening day

Getting ready for the opening date. Everybody in Dashilar is busy getting ready, floors are being painted, windows are being cleaned etc. etc. Even the visitors and locals are anxious to see how the exhibition space will look when finished.
A visitor from the Hutong at Yangmezhu Xi Jie #79, at Mimi Berlin, JW Kaldenbach and Soepboer & Stoker
The streets are being painted at the Factory at LAVA and rENs

Visitors have bought the "rubber duck" the image which BJDW has adapted as it's own

Zhuja #7 work in progress at Chris Kabel

Work by Anouk Griffioen and Oda Pausma waiting to be installed properly

The fence at Dashilar get's a fresh lick of paint, in BJDW blue

(Photo's by © JW Kaldenbach)

rENs: Work in progress

SALON/BJ: Studion rENs: Work in progress. rENs are Stefanie van Keysteren and Renee Mennen, 2 designers who decided to work with the color red. They found all kinds of material, like for instance flowers, to dye garments in this Chinese color for good luck. (Photo's by © JW Kaldenbach)

Paris came in contact with SALON/BJ via Vision Magazine, she works with rENs on their project in Dashilar.

This prototype jacket will be reproduced and dyed by hand in 20 different shades of red.
Just around the corner of the Factory, the exhibition space of rENs, we saw these towels. You can find them throughout the area outside of hairdressers shops. They do come in different colors but finding these red ones nearby was a nice coincidence.


Today the official opening will take place. The press will be getting a tour from Manon Schaap and Gijs Stork. All the participants are very busy finishing and cleaning up their space. Angelo is helping out where ever he can. Today he ran errands all around the Dashilar Area. Fetching tape for designers, fixing beamers, distributing mannequins, bringing package material back to the hotel, and waiting for the press in front of the exhibition spaces etc. etc. This all with a smile on his face !

Desiree Hammen: Work in progress

SALON/BJ (salon/ in Beijing during Beijing Designweek)
Desiree Hammen: Work in progress

This leaf was embroidered by the neighbour

(Photography © JW Kaldenbach)

Eric Roelen: work in progress

Eric Roelen is preparing his work for the planned photo shoot with SALON/ photographer JW Kaldenbach  
Eric designed foam transport cases to stack onto his bike. We are anxious to see the end result! More on that later on.....

Bruni from Het Stimuleringsfonds Amsterdam arrived today and was in the neighbourhood as well.