January 11, 2012

'Still Dark' by Femke van Gemert - Work in progress in co-operation with the public of SALON/

Please donate your own dark colored left-over textiles and discarded clothes during winterSALON/2012 at the first floor of Museum Geelvinck/Hinlopen Huis (one of the winterSALON2012 locations) to the attention of textile & interior designer Femke van Gemert. She will use your dark colored clothing and textile in her art work. Any piece of dark textile will do, whether broken, torn, old, big or small.

1st floor - Museum Geelvinck/Hinlopen Huis
Keizersgracht 633, Amsterdam 

Admire the designer
Femke van Gemert will be present at the museum on the 27th of January and again on the 3th of February to work on the installation. Take this opportunity to meet the designer or just see how she works. After all, its the process that's most fascinating to valuate the results of her installation at final. Thank you for your donation and see you during winterSALON/2012.

About textile artist Femke van Gemert
Femke van Gemert is fascinated by colors, materials and creating atmospheres. As a child she designed clothes and homes for her dolls, and now she does the same for grown-ups and their surroundings. She collects hand made fabrics from all over the world. Inspiration can come from the Japanese 'wabi-sabi' philosophy or by focussing on a single color or piece of textile, maybe the one you will bring her during winterSALON/2012.  

More about the designer, visit www.femkevangemert.nl