November 11, 2011

youasme measyou presents virtual installation via Layar App at the ruin of the Arends House


A unique location for youasme measyou for AIS SALON/: the ruin of the Arends House at the Wilhelminastraat in Oranjestad, Aruba. Via Layar App you can see the digital word-cloud the label measyou youasme created for AIS SALON/. Via the Layar App you can even see the word cloud hanging in the sky above  the Arends House from out of your hotel room. 

AIS SALON/ at the Protestant Church Aruba presents: Osaira Muyale, David West, Marcha Hüskes, Claudia Ruiz, Jess Wolff, Pricilla Lacle, Mode Made Man, and a tribute installation to Arubas Percy Irausquin by Ciro Abath

overview (photo: Marij Rynja)

Pricilla Lacle (photo: Marij Rynja)

Tribute to Percy Irausquin by Ciro Abath (photo: Marij Rynja)

Accessories and jewelry by Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez (photo: Marij Rynja)

(photo: Marij Rynja)

overview (photo: Marij Rynja)
Marcha Hüskes (photo: Marij Rynja)
Mode Made Man (on wall) and David West (photo: Marij Rynja) 
Mode Made Man (photo: Marij Rynja)
Jess Wolff (photo: Marij Rynja)