June 7, 2012

SALON/Maastricht: Open Ateliers

This evening, drinks, bites & music in one of the most beautiful ateliers you'll ever set foot in! At 19:00 you're welcome at the volksplein 33 in Maastrich for Open Atelier Drinks. 
The atelier will be the artistic residence of John Franzen, Kaspar Hamacher, Valentin Loellmann, Fabian Von Spreckelsen. Felix Baumsteuger and Jonas Loellmann, six friends who inspire eachother and work together but make separate, individual art varying from photography, drawings, graphic design and product design.   

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Salon/maastricht hand-outs

So far, SALON/maastricht is another edition we are very proud of. Please note that on every location you can find printed hand-outs to take along your SALON/ journey that supply you interesting background information on the participants. Please, ask the SALON/ hostesses.  

SALON/maastricht: who are NOMAN and Zohra Murad you could have seen in the loft of the NS?

NOMAN is a collective, founded by fashion designer Selina Parr and product designer Lara Tolman. NOMAN was born out of an idea to work together as equals, in creating an alternative world in which egos are subordinated. NOMAN is a trend moderation which can be presented in forms, colours and structures that can be applied to many fields of visual arts.

For the individual members of NOMAN, creating a collection does not end by the clothing itself, it finds expression in all aspects around it. Multiple disciplines merge together to express the fashion phenomenon, because for NOMAN fashion is more than a garment: it represents a spirit of age that can be expressed in different forms and shapes. Collaboration with various artists will add an extra dimension to the creation, with the ultimate goal to give the concept of fashion a broader interpretation.

And who is Zohra Murad, who designed that incredible dress? 

Zohra Murad (b. 1987, Kabul, Afghanistan) graduated Fashion Design in 2010 at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, The Netherlands. She often uses her Afgan background as an inspiration as well as the cultures from all over the world. Her work consists of simple, clean and chic silhouettes, in which you can find traditional craftsmanship and colourful patterns.  

please, check this blog and the handouts of SALON/maastricht for extra information on our great line-up here in Maastricht !