November 10, 2011

AIS SALON/ presents: Telka van Dodewaard and Viktor & Rolf - National Archaeological Museum Aruba

Telka van Dodewaard: 'If you still don't get it, you never will'  
Telka van Dodewaard (2011) in an former water basement. photo: Marij Rynja 

Between ceramic artifacts, shell and stone tools and pre-historic ornaments displayed for all those who would like to know about Aruba's first cultures, stands Viktor & Rolf and Telka van Dodewaard. 

One could call Telka’s work strongly narrative. Constantly she displays an unwritten story but without giving the view room for his own interpretation. Returning themes in her work are the vulnerability of a human being and the inherent decay through time and of life, what we also see in the installation she created for AIS SALON/. With a wink to fashion Telka van Dodewaard is showing the installation 'If you still don't get it, you never will', made for the old water well in the Archaeological Museum. Her installation is about beauty and it’s glorification. She explained that obscuring the ugliness and the ugliness itself go hand in hand. The materials she used for this installation are mostly textile and ceramics, what reflects Telka’s background as a sculptor.
Telka van Dodewaard (b. 1977, Maastricht, the Netherlands) lives and works in Aruba and Amsterdam. She graduated from the art academy Maastricht in 1999. She started a masters degree at the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, graduating in 2002.

A Winter's Dream in tropical conditions: Viktor & Rolf's fur coat in Aruba 
The archeaological museum of Aruba was once a luxurous urban villa, where a European lady lived who missed the cold winters of her homeland. She created a winter room, where she sat in her winter coat, dreaming away while she gazed at the winter portrets of white mountains, moose, lakes, and other images. This former winter room was the perfect location to present the white fur coat of Viktor & Rolf of the Flower Bomb collection 2008.
photo: Marij Rynja 

posted by Marij Elisabeth Rynja - official blogger for SALON/