June 11, 2012

SALON/maastricht: Marcha Huskes, Petra Herzog and Norbert Grunschel at the Wild West Gallery

 On the first floor of Traders Pop hides the Wild West Active Space, where we could enjoy the fashion design of Marcha Huskes, the curtains of Petra Herzog and abstract photowork of Norbert Grunschel. 

The Marcha Hüskes collections are built on the concept of elegant functionality; an effortless mix of luxury and wearability. The prêt-à-porter collections are created by using only the finest quality Italian materials for their essential sensation of comfort, and applying advanced and up to date techniques. Her collections are mostly appreciated for their tailoring and refined, distinguished detailing. “I mainly design dresses, small collections for women who appreciate the subtlety of the cut and details that make these dresses special”. Marcha Hüskes wants to create a ‘sense of couture’ whilst offering a perfectly wearable look dressing women for both day and night time. Marcha’s collections are never about major seasonal changes; they evolve, telling a continuos story about texture and contrast, color, material and silhouet. This story is the red thread and main inspiration for showing a feminine sophisticated Slow Fashion Collection. 

The geometrical, pleated curtains are a design of Petra Herzog.