December 21, 2011

X-Mas Wishes from SALON/

'Singing Girls' (2010) by freudenthal/verhagen - photographic print with video projection.
Clothes: Bernhard Wilhelm. Music: Far Away by Libera.

December 2, 2011

Telka van Dodewaard - exhibition ´Muhe Frida´ during AIS SALON/ Aruba

Anne Bosman tells about his eccentric, surreal mens wear collection: ´This collection recalls the sense of a childhood freedom´

by Marij Elisabeth Rynja  

During AIS SALON/ in Aruba last november Anne Bosman presented his graduation collection he made at ArtEZ. Between all other participants of the so called ´Dutch Group Show´ Anne was the most conceptual and maybe even most bizar fashion collection for the people of Aruba who in general likes bikini´s, bright colors, and feminine glamour clothing. But now the audience could see what Dutch fashion and fashion design holds more, even when it comes to men´s wear. 

Anne Bosman was over the moon when he heard he could show at Aruba, he flew over for just three days to witness this presentation. Anne Bosman tells us about his ideas and proces behind this remarkable men´s wear collection. 

Anne Bosman:  “A while ago I saw a serial portraits of Japanese emperors, they were all pictured sitting, where their kimono was folded to a three dimensional piece of art. So, it all started with a fascination for dictators and emperors. It is the way they’re dressed, very powerful, big and strong. Sometimes a little bit feminine. Funnily, this image also reminded me of children who wrap fabrics around their body and creating their own sculptures and stories. 
To research my silhouettes I used two ways:  the first one was to try on an oversized kimono in every possible way, also in combination with other fabrics; the second was to increase baby clothing to my own nowadays size. This brings total new silhouettes for men, because a pattern for a baby has other proportions then which for adult man. During my research the silhouettes also reminded me off when I was a little boy running through gardens, wearing my father´s jacket. I felt huge! Or, I putted on two towels and I became Julius Caesar!  With this collection I wanted to recall that powerful sense, that feeling I had as a child, but now for grown up men.” 

more information and pictures, visit his website

November 24, 2011

BACKSTAGE at the Dutch Fashion Show @ Aruba In Style, 05-11-11

Backstage - photo by Marij Rynja
Edwin Oudshoorn 
Edwin Oudshoorn - photo Marij Rynja 
Edwin Oudshoorn with jewelry designer Claudia Ruiz. Edwin used her designs for the show in Aruba and asked her to show one of his amazing dresses on the runway. Claudia said she never felt so comfortable in a dress, because it fitted like a glove due to the tailoring qualities of Edwin.  
Close up of the jewelry of Claudia Ruiz, that Edwin selected for his show - photo Marij Rynja
Anne Bosman's graduation collection for ArtEZ  - photo Marij Rynja

Anne Bosman created these shoes: a mixture of flipflops and indoor slippers - photo Marij Rynja 
Close up of the work of ArtEZ's Linda de Jong - photo Marij Rynja 
Close up of the plastic knitwear of Linda de Jong (ArtEZ) - photo Marij Rynja

Models waiting to show the collection of Linda de Jong

Close up of a dress by Sanne Schepers (ArtEZ) - photo Marij Rynja
Dress by Sanne Schepers 

Models dressed in Sanne Schepers graduation collection for ArtEZ

Loek Coerwinkel of the SALON/ team helping out backstage - photo Marij Rynja  

Marga Weimans with her models 

Mattijs van Bergen has created these magnificant wooden heels in cooperation with United Nude 

Just before the show Mattijs is interviewed by Aruban Press

Front: Marga Weimans; Center pieces: Mattijs van Bergen; grey dress by Edwin Oudshoorn - photo Marij Rynja

Close up of one of Mattijs van Bergens pleated dresses  - photo Marij Rynja 
 golden pleated dress by Mattijs van Bergen - photo Marij Rynja 

AIS SALON/ presents: Dutch Fashion Group show @ Aruba In Style: ArtEZ, Marga Weimans, Mattijs van Bergen and Edwin Oudshoorn

AIS SALON/ Painted Table Dress - the video

SALON/ Painted Table Dress Aruba from Ken Wolff on Vimeo.

November 16, 2011

AIS SALON/ Breakfast at De Suikertuin with photography and illustration

Telka van Dodewaard 

Telka van Dodewaard 

Jomy Maasdamme 

Left: Petra Lunenburg
Above: Detail of illustration of Kate van Harreveld 

Kate van Harreveld (free work)

November 14, 2011

AIS SALON/ participant Efrem Angelo is adding more color to Aruba - UNOCA building, Oranjestad

Aruban Street Art by Efrem Angelo

AIS/ SALON at the VCO building with Scheltens Abbenes, Elvis Lopez and Pauline van Dongen

'Vitrine', placed in the vitrines of the VCO
 building in Aruba 
'Vitrine' (2010), by Scheltens and Abbenes. 
The specialty of  photographer Maurice Scheltens (1972) and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes (1970)  is to meticulously arrange objects - chairs, glassware, shirts, perfume bottles - into configurations that have a strong two-dimensional or graphic character. Scheltens & Abbenes reduce their objects to clean geometric lines, showing an understanding that the settings will ultimately only exist as a two-dimensional image. Essential to their work is the process in the studio where they construct their settings. A laborious process, in which Scheltens & Abbenes continuously move things around, painstakingly join pieces together and adjust little details. During this series of steps they take numerous shots and study them together intensively in order to arrive at the right composition.  

Pauline van Dongen in bright daylight
Pauline van Dongen
Pauline van Dongen's fascination for the relation between human and their surroundings is something that keeps feeding her inspiration. By working with sculptural shapes, forms like capsules floating around the body, she examines the space between the garment and the body and tries to emphasize that void in her designs. In 2008 Pauline graduated with a BA in Fashion Design from the renowned Artez, Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

Elvis Lopez at the VCO building 
'Atraco', by Elvis Lopez 
On a daily basis the tall, imposing figure of Elvis Lopez hurries through the maze of studios, exhibition halls and offices of Aruba's Ateliers ‘89, a quiet mecca for the arts housed in a rambling old turn-of-the-century school in the suburbs of downtown Oranjestad. Ateliers ‘89 cooperates with a number of Dutch art academies,  helping young artists to transfer to an art school in the Netherlands.

November 11, 2011

youasme measyou presents virtual installation via Layar App at the ruin of the Arends House


A unique location for youasme measyou for AIS SALON/: the ruin of the Arends House at the Wilhelminastraat in Oranjestad, Aruba. Via Layar App you can see the digital word-cloud the label measyou youasme created for AIS SALON/. Via the Layar App you can even see the word cloud hanging in the sky above  the Arends House from out of your hotel room. 

AIS SALON/ at the Protestant Church Aruba presents: Osaira Muyale, David West, Marcha Hüskes, Claudia Ruiz, Jess Wolff, Pricilla Lacle, Mode Made Man, and a tribute installation to Arubas Percy Irausquin by Ciro Abath

overview (photo: Marij Rynja)

Pricilla Lacle (photo: Marij Rynja)

Tribute to Percy Irausquin by Ciro Abath (photo: Marij Rynja)

Accessories and jewelry by Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez (photo: Marij Rynja)

(photo: Marij Rynja)

overview (photo: Marij Rynja)
Marcha Hüskes (photo: Marij Rynja)
Mode Made Man (on wall) and David West (photo: Marij Rynja) 
Mode Made Man (photo: Marij Rynja)
Jess Wolff (photo: Marij Rynja)

November 10, 2011

AIS SALON/ presents: Telka van Dodewaard and Viktor & Rolf - National Archaeological Museum Aruba

Telka van Dodewaard: 'If you still don't get it, you never will'  
Telka van Dodewaard (2011) in an former water basement. photo: Marij Rynja 

Between ceramic artifacts, shell and stone tools and pre-historic ornaments displayed for all those who would like to know about Aruba's first cultures, stands Viktor & Rolf and Telka van Dodewaard. 

One could call Telka’s work strongly narrative. Constantly she displays an unwritten story but without giving the view room for his own interpretation. Returning themes in her work are the vulnerability of a human being and the inherent decay through time and of life, what we also see in the installation she created for AIS SALON/. With a wink to fashion Telka van Dodewaard is showing the installation 'If you still don't get it, you never will', made for the old water well in the Archaeological Museum. Her installation is about beauty and it’s glorification. She explained that obscuring the ugliness and the ugliness itself go hand in hand. The materials she used for this installation are mostly textile and ceramics, what reflects Telka’s background as a sculptor.
Telka van Dodewaard (b. 1977, Maastricht, the Netherlands) lives and works in Aruba and Amsterdam. She graduated from the art academy Maastricht in 1999. She started a masters degree at the Rietveld Academie, the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, graduating in 2002.

A Winter's Dream in tropical conditions: Viktor & Rolf's fur coat in Aruba 
The archeaological museum of Aruba was once a luxurous urban villa, where a European lady lived who missed the cold winters of her homeland. She created a winter room, where she sat in her winter coat, dreaming away while she gazed at the winter portrets of white mountains, moose, lakes, and other images. This former winter room was the perfect location to present the white fur coat of Viktor & Rolf of the Flower Bomb collection 2008.
photo: Marij Rynja 

posted by Marij Elisabeth Rynja - official blogger for SALON/