October 29, 2011


The QR Code Google Maps for the locations AIS/SALON (salon/Aruba)

I pack my bags for Aruba and I bring with me....

....Hyun Yeu.....check.
....Quoc Thang....check.
....and Macha Huskes...check!

These and many other great Dutch and international fashion designers you can admire during AIS/SALON 

AIS/ARUBA: visual artist Ken Wolff

Wolff Independents is a media production company mainly focusing on creative music videos, animations and short films. The Company is founded in 2011 by visual artist Ken Wolff, who is born in Aruba and lives in Amsterdam. Ken Wolff will showcase a visual production specially made for AIS/SALON. What he is up to is still a surprise, but we can tell he will use an old oil/water tank as his canvas. During AIS/ARUBA he will show three other video's...

October 28, 2011

The SALON/ Fashion Seminar: If you’re a fashionista or simply love arts and like to learn how to combine the two, then this workshop is for you

Workshop dates: 6 & 9 November 2011
Location: Scol di Arte, San Nicolas, Aruba
Time: 5pm-7pm
For: everyone
Price: free entree

Speakers Sunday November 6th 2011
Come and join the seminar and special Q&A with Marga Weimans and Mattijs van Bergen.

Speakers Wednesday November 9th 2011
Come and join the seminar and special Q&A Edwin Oudshoorn.

Always wondered how designers create and combine art with fashion?
The Salon Fashion Seminar present “A Journey from inspiration to creation”, the FREE workshop seminar for aspiring fashionistas who want to learn more on how modern day designers find their inspiration, conceptualize designs and develop a bridge between Art & Fashion.
The Salon Fashion Seminar is going to offer valuable tips on looking for inspiration in your own environment, trend development, modern day designing, how to build a wardrobe, what is art and how does it place itself within the fashion industry.
Also looking back at this years first edition of AIS/SALON, organizers and designers will join the seminar to give you an inside look on what goes on behind the scenes and what this years designers and participants have created to leave their mark on the runway as leading members and experts in the field.

About Marga Weimans: 

Marga is the brainchild behind the most ambitious, international oriented fashion house, which expands itself to multiple disciplines including fashion, architecture and fine arts. Marga herself graduated as a fashion designer at the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, one of the world leading fashion programs. Her graduation collection The Power Of My Dreams won an I-D award in 2005, which is organized by worldwide fashion magazine I-D. Since her successful graduation Weimans' work is purchased by and exhibited at the Groninger Museum. In recent years she has achieved many successes. Her collections were presented in two haute couture weeks in Paris and in several exhibitions in Dutch Museums and she is now also part of the first edition of AIS/Salon.
For more information on Marga visit www.margaweimans.com
About Mattijs van Bergen: 
Mattijs van Bergen (1980) lauched his label in 2008. His neo classical designs are defined by distinct use of color, high quality fabric and make. The clothes should be forward, but survive the change of the seasons. Curvaceous tailoring and a sculptural use of pleating are part of the label’s signature cut. His new glam handwriting has proven itself as highly attractive to women in the past years. The look is fresh, festive and feminine.“One of the most promising young designers” (British Vogue), “Crown prince of Dutch Fashion”, “King of Pleats”(Dutch Elle). These are but a few of the superlatives that have been used in the past year to qualify Mattijs van Bergen. With his designs, the designer strives to create feminine clothes that’ll seduce the women who wear them as well as surprise them by the highly innovative aspects. Great craftsmanship lies deep in the heart of MATTIJS. No wonder, with an education that started at the Institute of Fine Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands and successfully ended in London at the Central Saint Martins College, van Bergen has an eye for details, beautiful fabrics and well-cut clothes.
For more information on Mattijs visit www.mattijsvanbergen.com
About Edwin Oudshoorn:

October 27, 2011

AIS/ARUBA: Edwin Oudshoorn, Mattijs van Bergen and Marga Weimans give Art Rules Aruba workshop for the youngsters of San Nicolas, Aruba

One of the ambitions of SALON/ is to bring people, disciplines and cultures together for understanding and creation. Starters learning from the established, via workshops, discussions and exhibitions.
Established fashion designers Edwin Oudshoorn, Mattijs van Bergen and Marga Weimans are asked to give a workshop for the youngsters of San Nicolas, a less prosperous part of Aruba, on the 6th and 9th of November 2011. What will our Dutch fashion trio have in store for these kids? Creating clothes with the use of unusual materials, with paper or without sowing? 

The workshop is part of Art Rules Aruba, an art project to give children and adolescents an opportunity to explore other interests and talents in film, photography, theater, dance, rap, painting, fashion and product design. What kind of creative abilities do these kids have and were 'hidden' before? 
SALON/ will be there to see who will have an 'Ah-HA' moment and discover that he or she has a distinctive vision.

October 25, 2011

'MUHE FRIDA' premiere during AIS/SALON, a performance by dancer Alydia Wever

The preparations for the dance theatre performance ‘Muhe Frida’ of Alydia Wever are well underway. After two years of preparation and a film, everything is coming together for the premiere on November 2nd 2011.  

(this article was originally published in newspaper AMIGOE, 13-10-2011)

Already during her study in New York, Alydia Wever fell under the spell of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. “I saw the film about her life and cried from beginning to end. At the time, I saw the film together with my mentor and even then I thought it would be beautiful to make a dance performance about her life.” Years later – two years to be exact – she returns to the project. “Frida was someone who had been through a lot and suffered much pain, both physically and emotionally. I recognized myself not only in that pain but also in her willfulness, will and progressive character. I thought about doing this project.” That’s how ‘Muhe Frida’ came about, a multidisciplinary project seeking interfaces between the liberated painter and the Aruban female. “In first instance, I wanted to dedicate this to women, but I found out that everyone has interfaces with her life. Frida was so full of live and battle. Although one of her legs was shorter, she loved to dance. I think if she had wanted to, she could just as well have become a famous dancer.

For the performance, Wever invited two pupils from all four dancing schools on the island to join in. “I want to promote cooperation and unity between the schools and the dancers on Aruba. After all, we are all together here and the aim is to make something beautiful together.” Wever also invited several dancers from abroad, for instance, the Dutch Anne-Fay Kops – who performed earlier in the diner show of Zissles – and the Canadian Geneva Jenkins. “They arrived one and a half week ago and are now working hard on their parts.” Furthermore, Michael Lampe, known from Datapanik and Fellow, will arrange original compositions and six artists are associated with the performance. Together with Alydia Wever, Osaira Muyala, Alida Martinez, Glenda Heyliger, Nadine Salas, Belinda de Veer and Irene Peterson will give a performance of seven scenes based on seven paintings from Frida Kahlo, with devised archetypes from the Mexican artist. These archetypes – varying from the Saint Frida, the Macho Frida and the Tormented Frida up to the Erotic Frida – were invented at the time by the Curaçao producer Felix de Rooij for the short film ‘Muhe Frida’, as shown at the Aruba International Film Festival. De Rooij is no longer involved with the dance theatre performance. “Eventually, we couldn’t work things out together”, says Wever. This resulted in two projects with the same name and the use of seven archetypes of Frida Kahlo. However, the dance theatre project is entirely different. “As regards contents, the emphasis is on the chosen seven paintings and as regards form the emphasis is on the dance theatre.” The film itself will be given a separate place during the evening of the performance. Works of 21 artists will be shown in the exposition room of Cas di Cultura. The exposition, led by Ryan Oduber, will also include Salon/, the Dutch part of the fashion event Aruba In Style that is to start on November 3rd.

The premiere of ‘Muhe Frida’ will be on November 2nd, the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos. Tickets for the evening will cost 50 florins. There are also several performances for schools and a second performance on November 5th. Tickets for this performance will soon be available and cost 25 florins.

The fine line between illustration and art - JOWY MAASDAMME

Jowy Maasdamme's contribution to Muher Frida in Cas di Cultura & Unoca 3-13 november during AIS/SALON 2011. 

Title: Aduka, Pencil, pen and ink illustration by Jowy Maasdamme 

Dutch Fashion & Design will join SALON/ to Aruba

Marga Weimans 'Wonderland' (2009)
Aruba and the Netherlands have an historical connection. 
"Aruba is still one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands, together with the NetherlandsCuraçao, and Sint Maarten whose citizens share a single nationality: Dutch citizen. In March 1983 Aruba finally reached an official agreement within the Kingdom for Aruba's Independence, which would occur in a series of steps granting increasing autonomy. In August 1985 Aruba drafted a constitution that was unanimously approved. On 1 January 1986, after elections were held for Aruba's first parliament, Aruba seceded from the Netherlands Antilles and officially became a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Full independence was set for 1996." - Source: Wikipedia.
It is now over 25 years Aruba has the so called “Status Aparte”. But the relationship with the Netherlands remains and will always be something special. It's in the DNA of Aruba.

Therefore, an impressive number of Dutch Fashion & Design will join SALON/ to Aruba!

For example,  during the Aruban fashion week Aruba In Style Mattijs van Bergen, Marga Weimans, Edwin Oudshoorn and three fashion design graduates of ArtEZ Art Academy will present their collections on the runway on the 4th of November 2011.
But there is more: during the special 'Mens Club' on the 3rd of November Dutch men's fashion designers like Hyun Yeu and Quoc Thang will be represented. In the various locations of AIS/SALON we can also see several couture pieces of our international fashion pride Viktor & Rolf, collected by a private collector of the finer arts of various international and local fashion talents. And there is more Dutch fashion: Bas Kosters, Marcha Hüskes, Claes Iversen, youasme measyou, Antoine Peters, Pauline van Dongen, and Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts of Painted Series who organise a special workshop called Painted Table Dress (2+3 Nov.) 
Other Dutch representatives on AIS/SALON are photographers Philippe Vogelenzang, Viviene Sassen, Freudental/Verhagen, Fur Free, Scheltens Abbenes, Zara Zerny and Mustafa Ozen
And that’s not all, also we have art work of Lernert & Sander, Cloudfactory, Kate van Harreveld, Petra Lunenberg and
 Koen Hauser

And that’s not all…..it’s SALON/. 

October 21, 2011

The Wall Street Journal wrote: Fashion weeks gone wild!From Aruba to Karachi...what's wrong with local fashion weeks?

by Marij Elisabeth Rynja

Yesterday The Wallstreet Journal columnist CHRISTINA BINKLEY reported about the amount of fashion weeks around the world: "Milan, Paris and London. At these events, designers parade their collections for retailers and try to make a splash in the fashion press. But in the past five to 10 years, the numbers of cities and nations holding fashion weeks has burgeoned." 

Unfortunately we could not read the whole article, but one of our facebook friends summerised it for us.
Miss Ramirez wrote: "...they say that all the small fashion weeks that have been organized in recent years around the world do not really make a significant impact when it comes to fashion trends, compared to Milan, Londen, Paris and New York. But they still can boost local economies by pushing the fashion and retail business locally".  

Like initiator of the Aruban Salon, Gijs Stork, puts it: "Wherever SALON/ lands, whether it is Aruba or Istanbul, we aim for discussion and interaction between the local population, the local history and its art culture.[...] But most of all we would like to show the local population what is happening over seas, what is possible."

But what do you think? What is the value of local fashion weeks? Entertainment? Business? A hype? A signal that local fashion gets more appreciation and attention than the very expensive luxury brands nobody can really afford? 

Personally I think the last thing is happening here, and is a significant impact after all: local is sexy, is personal, and is something to be proud of. As a Dutch girl I rather would buy something of a Dutch designer than of one of LVMH's mass-luxury brands....if I only had the money. 

Celebrate the local fashion culture, find exciting cross overs, that's what SALON/ is about. 

October 20, 2011

AIS/ SALON LOVES ARUBA IN STYLE - Aruba's first official fashion week

Salon/ is in Aruba to support Aruba's first official fashion week: 'Aruba In Style'. 
ARUBA IN STYLE will take place from 3 till 6 of November with international runway shows, fashion soirees, presentations, and style happenings. AIS/Salon will continue untill November 13th. 
Aruba’s unique attributes make it a perfect fit with a reputation fueled by its diverse cultures and many visitors from all over the globe. Surrounded by miles and miles of white beaches, an exciting array of luxury boutiques, and an alluring diversity of cuisine and nightlife.
Style has always set Aruba apart. It’s palpable through it’s architecture, fashion and the ever-stylish tourists it draws every year. Now, with its premier fashion event, Aruba in Style, they are solidifying their presence as the most fashion-forward island in Latin American and the Caribbean. 
In association with IMG, this long-weekend soiree of runway shows, celebrity cocktail parties, premier DJ events, styling sessions and insider collection-reveals, is home to the foremost international designers. Join Aruba In Style for this truly chic tropical fashion experience.  

October 18, 2011

Do you wonder why SALON/ goes to Aruba in November 2011? Gijs Stork gives anwers

by Marij Elisabeth Rynja 

SALON/ looks for new paths, new places and locations to give exposure to known and unknown artists, designers and the likes. To create a context for discussion and cross-cultural productions on grounds which maybe are not obvious when you think of fashion, art and design is what opens your eyes....or resets your gaze in how you previously interpreted contemporary art, fashion and design. 
From 3-13 November 2011 SALON/ will be in Aruba....Aruba? Is there more to enjoy than sun, beaches, parties and a relaxing lifestyle? Why Aruba?  
What better than to ask the question why to the initiator of this Aruban SALON/ edition, Gijs Stork himself: 

Salon/BLOG: Why Aruba, Gijs? 

Gijs Stork: "The reason for SALON/ to come to Aruba is actually a confluence of circumstances. I always have had a strong bond with Aruba, professionally as personally. From the nineties to now I am involved and moved by it's art scene. Together with a few friends we created art exhibitions and publications on the island. It is through them I was introduced to young talents, like fashion designer Percy Irausquin who studied at The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Aruba at that time. And I tried to give artists like him a chance to get feet on Dutchs ground. But it was excually in 2009 that I started to 
discover a renewed, younger and progressive art scene in Aruba.  I met Ronchi de Cuba who was  planning to organize a fashion week on Aruba, called Aruba in Style. I told him about the SALON/ editions we organized in Amsterdam and South-Africa and the idea was born to organize a SALON/ here in Aruba during Aruba in Style, not only to ad a cultural component to the program, but also to celebrate the relation between Aruba, the Netherlands and it's cultural cross-over." 

Salon/BLOG: But what makes the Aruban fashion and art-scene according to you worth wile and worth visiting?

Gijs Stork: "There is this appealing energy and new cultural economy going on in Aruba what I also experienced during our SALON/locale in Cape Town, South Africa; a new energy of a young generation free from history, free from anger, free to make unconditional choices about which elements of their heritage they would like to incorporate into their creations. Furthermore, Aruba has a preparation course of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and an academy for Fine Arts & Design will open on Aruba in 2012. And last but not least the island forms an unique hub between South-America, North-America and Europe."

Salon/BLOG: What would you like accomplish with AIS/Salon there? 

Gijs Stork: "Wherever SALON/ lands, whether it is Aruba or Istanbul, we aim for discussion and interaction between the local population, the local history and its art culture. Furthermore, we aim for education and reason on different levels and layers. During AIS/SALON over 60 students of Colegio EPI will be trained to be cultural ambassadors of the island and will volunteer for us; we organize workshops for youngsters in San Nicolas, one of the less fortunate cities of the island; But most of all we would like to show the local population what is happening over seas, what is possible outside of the island because it is very hard to get of. To give exposure to artists who came from Aruba but have make a living elsewhere gives Aruba hope.”

Salon/BLOG: Will AIS/SALON be different from the SALON/s in Amsterdam?

Gijs Stork: “No. But maybe more than other SALON/'s, AIS/SALON under stresses the interaction between Dutch and local identity.

Salon/BLOG: How can we detect this cross-cultural identity in the work of the participants of AIS/Salon?

Gijs Stork: “The cross-over will most of all be shown in the way they expose their work, but actually the cross over is already there: most of the Aruban participants work and live in the Netherlands and come to Aruba to return to their birth ground.  But in upcoming SALON/ editions in the Netherlands they will express their Aruban identity again.”

Thank you Gijs. Now it is clear SALON/ has a fundamental reason to go to Aruba.

Book your flight at KLM and ARKE and your passe-partout ticket for AIS/SALON on our website www.salon1.org. 
///// If you are fast, we allot ten tickets for the Aruba In Style Dutch Fashion Show the 4th of November, where Mattijs van Bergen, Marga Weimans, Edwin Oudshoorn and three finalists of ArtEZ Arnhem will show their collections. 

October 10, 2011


2 nov. 5-7 pm: welcome party Dutch group & ais/salon particpants @ VNO
2 nov. workshop Telka van Dodewaard in National Archeologisch Museum, fruteria

2 nov. 7:30 pm: PREMIERE 'Muhe Frida' by Alydia Wever @ Cas di Cultura (Afls. 50,- incl. after party)
2 nov. 9am-14 pm: Painted Table Dress @ Scol di Arte, San Nicolas 
3 nov. 8-10 pm: Official Opening Aruba In Style and AIS/SALON/
3 nov. 4-8 pm: Fashion & Cocktail Shopping Night Out @ Renaissance Mall
3 nov. 5:30 pm: Press Conference ARuba In Style @ Renaissance Mall, Main Fairway
3 nov. 7-9 pm: David Yuman Elements of Style @ Renaissance Mall, Gandelman Boutique
3 nov Official opening Men’s Club @ house of mosaic, curated by Fernando Mansur (private)
4 nov 8:30 am-01pm: Aruba ATA Tour, Private Press Event along AIS/SALON/ venues by SALON/ team
4 nov 12 pm: Presentation Painted Table Dress Roger's Beach, San Nicolas 
4 nov. 3:30 pm: Venezuelan Group Show @ Runway at the Renaissance 
4 nov. 4:30 pm: Colombian Group Show @ Runway at the Renaissance
4 nov
: 6-10 pm: Opening Bra-Art & special exhibtion @ Ateliers ‘89 curated by Elvis Lopez
4 nov.  6:30-8 pm: DiNeila Presentation @ Renaissance Ocean Suites Pool 
4 nov. 8 pm: ISSA London @ Runway at the Renaissance 
4 nov. 9pm-1am: Aruba In Style Party, featuring a presentation by Parke & Ronen @ Renaissance Island 
5 nov. 10 pm: FFFashion Opera by Nelson Gonzalez @ Balashi
5 nov. 3:30 pm: Dutch Group Show @ Runway at the Renaissance
5 nov. 4:30 pm: Marcelo Cuadros @ Runway at the Renaissance
5 nov. 5:30-8 pm: A special occasion with Kathy Hilton @ Runway at the Renaissance, on the lawn
5 nov. 7:30 pm: 'Muhe Frida' by Alydia Wever @ Cas di Cultura (Afls. 25,- )
5 nov. 8 pm: Beach Bunny @ Runway at the Renaissance
5 nov. 9 pm: Custo Barcelona @ Runway at the Renaissance
5 nov FFFashion opera SANTAROSA
5 nov. 9:30 pm: Eva Zissy After Party @ Casa Tua Barcelona
6 nov
. Marga Weimans & Mattijs van Bergen’s Art Rules Aruba kids-workshop @ Scol di Arte, San Nicolas
6 nov. 9 am-01pm: ATA Catamaran Tour (Private Press Event)
6 nov. 1-4 pm: AquaA di Lara show, Kok Optica presentation, ft. Elilio Pucci & Porche eyewear @ Marriott Pool
6 nov
. 7-10 pm: Aruba in Style wrap up party @ Renaissance Island
7-13 nov. 
Frida Kahlo exhibition @ UNOCA
7 nov AIS/SALON/ farewell lunch
9 nov Edwin Oudshoorn’s Art Rules Aruba Workshop kids-workshop @ Scol di Arte, San Nicolas
9 nov Pink Runway & special photo exposition @ Westin Hotel Ballrooms
11 nov. Carnaval Fashion Event “11-11-‘11” 

12 nov Green Village Michael Lampe
12 nov. 6-8pm” The AIS/SALON wrap up party @ Green Village, San Nicolaas by Michael Lampe
13 nov. 
End of arubainstyle/SALON/ 

SPECIAL NOTE: every night during AIS/SALON The After After Party with carnaval fashion, curated by Ryan Maduro @ Jimmy's, from 00 am till late!

AIS/SALON proudly presents the participators from Aruba:

Ciro Abath (art), Efrem Angela (art), Bra Art (fashion), Ronchi de Cuba (fashion), Telka van Dodewaard (art), Nelson Gonzalez (art), Rob ter Haar (art), Pricilla Lacle (art), Michael Lampe (music), Elisa Lejuez (fashion), Elvis Lopez (art), Jowy Maasdamme (illustration), Fernando Mansur (styling), Maria Teresa Madriage (styling), Osaira Muyale (art), Ryan Oduber (art), Hugo Palmar (art), Pink catwalk (fashion), Rebecca Roos (film), Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez, Kevin Schuit (art), Robin de Vogel (site specific art), Alydia Wever (performance), Jess Wolff (fashion), Ken Wolff (performance).

AIS/SALON proudly presents the participators from South Africa:

Darki (fashion), Stiaan Louw (fashion), Chris Saunders (Photography), Athi Patra Ruga (art), David West (fashion).

AIS/SALON proudly presents the participators from the Netherlands:

ArtEZ, Mattijs van Bergen (fashion), Anne Bosman (fashion), Linda de Jong, Pauline van Dongen (fashion), Fantastic Man (fashion), Freudenthal/Verhagen (Photography), Gentlewoman, Guild of Holland (design), Kate van Harreveld (art), Koen Hauser (art), Marcha Huskes (fashion), Claes Iversen (fashion), Linda de Jong (fashion), Bas Kosters (fashion), Fur Free, Lernert & Sander (art), Petra Lunenberg (art), Maegpai (fashion design), Mona di Orio (perfume), Mustafa Ozen/EYE (film), Painted Series (fashion), Antoine Peters (fashion), Sanne Schepers (fashion), Viviane Sassen (Photography), Scheltens Abbenes (Photography), Viktor & Rolf (fashion), Marga Weimans (fashion), youasme measyou (fashion), Hyun Yeu (fashion), Zara Zerny (film), Quoc Thang (fashion).

Locations AIS/SALON

Huis Elisa Lejuez, House of Mosaic, Westin Hotel, Archeologische Museum Aruba, Gemeentehuis
Oranjestad, Huis Arends/ voormalig Papiamento restaurant, De Suikertuin, Ateliers ‘89, Jimmy's, Renaissance Hotel, Renaisance MALL, BLEU lounge Renaissance Hotel, Renaissance Convention Center,
VCO, Fort Zoutman, VNO, Cas di Cultura, Studio O, Unoca, Arrival Hall Airport, Balashi, Scol di Arte
San Nicolaas (div. locations).

AIS/SALON is part of the fashion week of Aruba, 'Aruba in Style' (3-6 nov.).

AIS/SALON would like to thank ATA, Aruba In Style, UNOCA and VNO for their generous support, what made AIS/SALON possible.