June 18, 2012

SALON/s Marga Weimans and Edwin Oudshoorn show new collections

We can say that fashion designers Marga Weimans and Edwin Oudshoorn have joined the SALON/ team for many editions and every time enrich the SALON/route with breathtaking installations at SALON/Maastricht, winterSALON/2012 and SALON/2. During AIS/Aruba they flew in a complete collection to present at Aruba's first fashion week, as part of SALON/ last year.
This year, both are invited to show at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Marga Weimans shall open the event with her first catwalk show helt in the Netherlands and present another collection off-stage called 'The Fashion House', a collection representing 'the foot print of her fashion label', she said in an interview.
Like Mattijs van Bergen closed last years fashion week, its Edwin Oudshoorns turns to wrap this fashion into enclosure.
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Two looks by Marga Weimans showed during SALON/Maastricht last June, in the window display of Mouchachas Designer Boutique