January 22, 2012

winterSALON/2012: 'Your Opinion, My Opinion' by Ken Wolff (video artist)

Video still from 'your opinion my opinion' (2012)
Wolff Independents/Ken Wolff
'Ungraspable communication; the understandings of send and received information between two or more individuals. An interpretation of what is being considered understood in an act of a conversation'. With these words Ken Wolff describes his video 'Your opinion, My opinion' he created for winterSALON/2012, exhibited in the Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam. 
The video shows a woman and a man, standing across each other, saying nothing. Their facial expression we cannot see due to their black painted faces. Only for a moment a flash of lightning reveiles animated eyes, nose, cheekbones of the models.
This video is about non verbal communication, Ken Wolff explains. He deliberately casted a woman and a man because they often have another way of expression, what can lead to miscommunication.  
Ken Wolff (Aruba, 1983) is a visual artist and VJ currently living in Amsterdam and is studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. His work moves between video art, hand drawings and Animation with a sense of raw, playful, yet professional edge and is mainly influenced by his Caribbean descent. His company Wolff Independents is a media production company focusing on creative videos, animations and short films.

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  1. Robin de Vogel1/27/2012

    Beautiful work Ken!


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