February 14, 2013

winterSALON/2013: Louise te Poele

Louise te Poele (1984) is a photographer / artist who tries to capture a story from a close angle. If you look at the depicted persons, you get the feeling that you know them. There's an admiration and compassion in het portraits: admiration for the determined will of these individuals to make the best of things, and compassion for the futility of that struggle. Besides her fine art, she also works as a commissioned photographer.

winterSALON/2013: Fashion Photography by AMFI

At conceptstore OPTIONS! we invite you to come and have a look at the fashion photography of AMFI students.


(fotocredits: JW Kaldenbach)

winterSALON/2013: NOMAN

(fotocredits: JW Kaldenbach)
NOMAN is a collective, founded by fashion designer Selina Parr and set designer Lara Tolman, in which they realize joint projects. NOMAN regards teamwork as the joining of forces, NOMAN was born out of an idea to work together as equals, creating an alternative world under one name in which egos are subordinated.