July 10, 2014

SALON/Big Bang: Navid Nuur at the Oude Kerk

SALON/Big Bang: Navid Nuur at the Oude KerkSALON/Big Bang: Navid Nuur at the Oude Kerk

Heavenly Navid Nuur arrived in the chapel for SALON/BIG BANG. Till August 24 in the Oude Kerk — with courtesy of Martin van Zomeren

SALON/Big Bang: Studio rENs

SALON/Big Bang: Studio rENs at the Oude Kerk
RenS (Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren) always go their own way , but actively pursue
collaboration. Spontaneity is important to them, but they perform extensive research before getting
down to work, and love exploring boundaries. RenS operate as a duo in order to enable continuous

sparring and pushing each other to the limit. This creates the twist in many of their designs. 
Since they took off in 2008, RenS collaborated with partners like Desso, Cor Unum, Zuiderzeemuseum, Texielmuseum and Lynfabrikken. RenS followed their hearts with RED, a study into meanings and applications of that one specific colour with the strong connotations in multiple areas. Their studio is located in Eindhoven.