June 28, 2012

SALON/istanbul special events: Presentation ʻBlossomʼ by ZEM MEN (Samira Algoe) at Bijbels Museum, July 11

About Z E M. 

The label focuses on the transformation of archetypical menswear from a future forward perspective. Old is new again. Z E M is recognizable by its strong identity and style. A soft and authentic approach to menswear explores the identity of men. By bending the boundaries of menswear Z E M plays with the fragility of men. A sincere devotion to graphic formalism and structure is a source of inspiration for shape, colour and fabric.

For Z E M minimalism, attention to detail and ensuring high quality means wearable clothing for self assured, open-minded men who feel comfortable in their own skin. 

SALON/istanbul presents: JONGHLABEL / Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan & Tea Time


Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan, at work - jewelry exhibition
Everybody can memorize the old laced or crocheted tablecloths, which were used as interior decoration at your grandparent's house. The decorations are beautiful hand made design, but do not represent today's style anymore. The knowledge about handcraft techniques vanishes. JONGHLABEL regrets that these old artistic techniques disappear.
In order to renew interest in old handcraft techniques, JONGHLABEL started Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan. Together with women from different cultural backgrounds and from different parts of the city of Amsterdam, JONGHLABEL started a co-production project. These women still know how to practice Dantel (Turkish handcraft technique), tatting, lace and crochet. JONGHLABEL transfers the beautiful handmade fabrics into modern jewelry. By turning them into modern jewelry, JONGHLABEL hopes to renew people's interest in these beautiful old handcrafts.

Location: Meesteropleiding Coupeur - Jan Maijenstraat 11 (in the East of Amsterdam)

Special demonstration on June 30 at The Frozen Fountain
A special demonstration by the participants of JGOG can be admired during the opening of SALON/istanbul on June 30 at The Frozen Fountain (Prinsengracht 645) from 14.00-17.00. On every Saturday the jewelry designers are presented at the Jan Maijenstraat to show how they work.

Tea Time at De Oude Kerk
Meis and Anne de Jongh, the initiators of JONGHLABEL, will present their tea set 're-REPAIR' as a special installation in De Oude Kerk, as part of SALON/istanbul.

Location: De Oude kerk - Oudekerksplein 23

About the initiative: 
JONGHLABEL is founded by the two sisters, Meis & Anne de Jongh started JONGHLABEL to distinguish themselves from other design labels by producing their own designs. In their opinion, it is not only the physical appearance of a product that is important. The accompanying story is equally significant. The expertise of JONGHLABEL ranges from interaction design to product- and interior design, focussing on reviving old handcrafts by translating them into contemporary designs. In this, as they call, industrial handcraft, JONGHLABEL seeks the ability to propagate traditional techniques with the help of industrial production.