March 12, 2012

Salon/ goes on....FlowerCASTLE March 28 - May 20 2012

After winter, must comes spring....everything is everything.
What more suitable than to bring the powerful interaction between fashion, design and art and flora and fauna to the Keukenhof, one of Hollands most famous and colourful areas. 

Everyone knows the flowers and the flower exhibition of the Keukenhof, but few know of Castle Keukenhof, the center of the atmospheric Keukenhof Estate in the heart of the bulbMore than two hundred acres of woodland, meadow, park with over eighteen monuments. A jewel in the Randstad, ready to be discovered. renovated in 2011 the Keukenhof Castle has become a place to linger in comfortculture and natureAn historic environment, but full of life. 

SALON/ has selected state of the art designers who embrace the beauty of flowers. During FlowerCASTLE you can admire the work of Karin Arink, Maarten Baas, Miroslaw Balka, Uta Barth, Otto Berchem, Jos Bregman, Merijn Bolink, Reinier Bosch, Sebastian Brajkovic, Niels Broszat, Frank Bruggeman, Martin Butler, Elspeth Diederix, Mark Dion, Telka van Dodewaard, Rolf Engelen, Irene Fortuyn, Freudenthal/Verhagen, Michel François, Lizan Freijsen, Maayan Ben Gal, Renato Galante, Liam Gillick, Daan van Golden, Marnix Goosen, Koen Hauser, Roderick Hietbrink, Florentijn Hofman and more. Curated by Gijs Stork of SALON/.

Castle Keukenhof is near Amsterdam, The Hague and Schiphol and very well accessible. Once you are in the neighbourhood you follow the signs with Keukenhof, and at the Stationsweg in Lisse you see the signs: “Kasteel Keukenhof”. Castle Keukenhof is right across the road from the world famous Flower Exhibition Keukenhof. 

We hope to see you there, like always. 

Please, visit this link for more information and images of the FlowerCASTLE/participants. 

image: freudenthal/verhagen - participants of flowerCASTLE

Salon/ goes on! Pre-event workshop March 22 till 27 for SALON/TR during 'Istanbul Design Biennial' in Turkey (October 13 - December 12, 2012)

In cooperation with DutchDFA SALON/ is bringing a delegation of Dutch designers to Istanbul from 22 to 27 March for a pre-event workshop programme of the Istanbul Design Biennal. Students, manufacturers, brands and design professionals from around the world participate in the workshop programme.

The Dutch designers will collaborate with craftsmen from Istanbul, within the theme imperfection. The designers will be in Istanbul, between 22-27 March, to proceed about their product, material, production method decisions with the workshop participants. Results will be shown during the Biennial in October. 

Participating Dutch designers are Mattijs van Bergen, Pauline van Dongen, Desiree Hammen, Noman (Selina Parr/Lara Tolman), Antoine Peters, Borre Akkersdijk, Hyun Yeu, Sjoerd Vroonland, Reinier 
Bosch and BCXSY.

The Dutch Design Fashion Architecture (DutchDFA) programme aims to strengthen the international position of the Dutch creative industry sector in four focus countries, by building long-lasting international partnerships and focussing on topical issues and local demands.