January 31, 2011

Thank you to everyone for making this winterSALON/ possible

From Manon, Cathal & Gijs (photocredit: JW Kaldenbach)
The locations:

Amsterdam Historisch Museum (in collaboration with A’DAM Man and Mode exhibition)
Museum Willet Holthuysen
Waag Society
Huize Frankendael
Museum van Loon

The contributors:
Alet Pilon
Annette Duburg/Rixt van der Tol
Antoine Peters
Bart de Baets & Rustan Soderling
Bas Kosters
Bedtime for BONZO
Catwalk for Cancer
Christophe Coppens
Claes Iversen
Conny Groenewegen
Corné Gabriëls
Desiree Hammen
Ferry van der Nat
Fleur Goedendorp
Goof van Beek
Hester Vlamings
Hermanna Prinsen
Hyun Yeu
Jeroen Oude Sogtoen
Jozef van der Heijden
Koen Hauser
Kustaa Saksi
Laura Laine
Lernert & Sander
Louise te Poele
Majid Karrouch
Marcha Hüskes
Marga Weimans
Martin Butler
Martine van ‘t Hul
Mattijs van Bergen
Michiel van Erp
Nanna van Blaaderen
Pauline van Dongen
The People of the Labyrinths
Philippe Vogelenzang
Sapphire & Steel
Tara Dougans
Tesselschade-Arbeid Adelt
United Nude
Van Drimmelen & Griffioen
Viviane Sassen

January 19, 2011

Mode Man Made - The opening of winterSALON/ at Amsterdam Museum

It was a dreary winter's day, but behind the back gates of Amsterdam Museum you would be mistaken for thinking it was a glorious summer's day.
The opening day of winterSALON/ was a day of merriment, beginning with hot chocolate and cake early Saturday morning, to the works of fashion photographer Philippe Vogelenzang and stylist Karrouch Majid.
MODE MADE MAN sits a series of 29 portraits of various men that explores and questions the artistic side of fashion. These subjects are real, what they are wearing is fashion and how it is captured is art. 

to be seen at winterSALON/ - take a ride to the other side...

Calico, chalk and pins.. Annette Duburg Rixt van der Tol

The beauty that is...

Here is a preview of the first day of winterSALON/ what a day to meet, greet and be merry about this city's arts, culture and fashion industry

Museum van Loon

De Waag

Amsterdam Historisch Museum

January 17, 2011


Salon presentation "youasme measyou"

Close to the Body.. Nanna van Blaaderen

In which fabrics do we feel elegant, naturel and protected? How important are softness, warmth and quality in the textiles that we wear? Which designs integrate comfort, beauty, function and sustainability? Even the finest layer of fabric can transform the human figure from being naked and vulnerable into being strong and seductive.

To be discovered at winterSALON/ Goof van Beek


Pauline van Dongen at De Waag


Ga eropuit ! winterSALON/ daytrip !


January 16, 2011

Mimi Berlin's Blog: wintersalon/Frankendael

Mimi Berlin's Blog: wintersalon/Frankendael: "Groundfloor; Mysterious Blacked-out room... Desiree Hammen. with her embroideries. filled with fragile embroidery on organza. By&..."

January 11, 2011

winterSALON/ work in progress

winterSALON/ is looking for volunteers !

winterSALON/ is looking for people who can assist at the locations Frankendael, De Waag and Droog during 15 - 30 January (from 12-5 pm). You will be an "ambassador" of winterSALON/ hosting guests, giving tours and give back ground info regarding the contributors and locations (which will be prepared by winterSALON/). If you are interested or want more information, please send an e-mail to wintersalon@gmail.com or call Ellen Grift (06 43023256) or Loek Coerwinkel (06 54916513)