October 20, 2012

Antione Peters 'HOPE' @ Building

A silhouette without arms or head that continuously changes shape. This fantasy-figure is covered in crude oil in which various symbols of religions and pop culture are awaiting to be discovered. With HOPE Peters investigates the relationships between capitalism, power, belief and nature without prejudgment. His goal is to draw new connections and urge his audience into engaging in thoughtful dialogue.

The original idea for this project was to create a new world out of the purity of silhouettes and print design. This new world became a character, an abstract figure that changes shape all the time. Peters' collection are always subversive and socially critical, however in this project the designer is even more outspoken than usual.

Antoine Peters: "When someone sees connections between religion and being covered in oil, it probably comes from somewhere. However, it would be unfortunate if people only see the negative. With help of the negative I can illuminate the positive. For me, it's all about hope. For some, hope may be about wearing a chain with a cross. For others, hope is the belief in love, or the belief in the potential of the internet to create a better world. This project focuses on how to get along with each other and the world. Hope, in whatever form, breathes life into life."

In collaboration with dancer Alexe Jansen and photographer Marc Deurloo, Peters captured his design in a series of pictures, and together with Oscar Verpoort he created a short movie featuring music by Krause.

The print design is developed in collaboration with self-trained designer Alain Delluc, living and working in Istres, France. The design was created with 3D programs that were used for animated movies by Pixar and Disney.

See the series of pictures via www.antoinepeters.com