November 24, 2011

BACKSTAGE at the Dutch Fashion Show @ Aruba In Style, 05-11-11

Backstage - photo by Marij Rynja
Edwin Oudshoorn 
Edwin Oudshoorn - photo Marij Rynja 
Edwin Oudshoorn with jewelry designer Claudia Ruiz. Edwin used her designs for the show in Aruba and asked her to show one of his amazing dresses on the runway. Claudia said she never felt so comfortable in a dress, because it fitted like a glove due to the tailoring qualities of Edwin.  
Close up of the jewelry of Claudia Ruiz, that Edwin selected for his show - photo Marij Rynja
Anne Bosman's graduation collection for ArtEZ  - photo Marij Rynja

Anne Bosman created these shoes: a mixture of flipflops and indoor slippers - photo Marij Rynja 
Close up of the work of ArtEZ's Linda de Jong - photo Marij Rynja 
Close up of the plastic knitwear of Linda de Jong (ArtEZ) - photo Marij Rynja

Models waiting to show the collection of Linda de Jong

Close up of a dress by Sanne Schepers (ArtEZ) - photo Marij Rynja
Dress by Sanne Schepers 

Models dressed in Sanne Schepers graduation collection for ArtEZ

Loek Coerwinkel of the SALON/ team helping out backstage - photo Marij Rynja  

Marga Weimans with her models 

Mattijs van Bergen has created these magnificant wooden heels in cooperation with United Nude 

Just before the show Mattijs is interviewed by Aruban Press

Front: Marga Weimans; Center pieces: Mattijs van Bergen; grey dress by Edwin Oudshoorn - photo Marij Rynja

Close up of one of Mattijs van Bergens pleated dresses  - photo Marij Rynja 
 golden pleated dress by Mattijs van Bergen - photo Marij Rynja 

AIS SALON/ presents: Dutch Fashion Group show @ Aruba In Style: ArtEZ, Marga Weimans, Mattijs van Bergen and Edwin Oudshoorn

AIS SALON/ Painted Table Dress - the video

SALON/ Painted Table Dress Aruba from Ken Wolff on Vimeo.