October 25, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to all contributors and salon locations for helping us build a successful FLOWER SALON/ with love from Manon, Gijs, Cathal and Boyd! (photography: JW Kaldenbach)

October 23, 2010

Short film by Martin Butler

A short film by Martin Butler part of FlowerSALON/

Wunderkammer fever.... everyone is having dinner amongst the flowers

So... Amsterdam's most exclusive pop-up restaurant has served the likes of people from Tommy Hilfiger, Starbucks, Maarten Spruyt, CMK1 and New York's art society... have you yet booked your setting?

In the intimate surrounds of the Wunderkammer, one large circular table seats 20 to 40 people who can enjoy autumn inspired exquisite food prepared by the ex top chef of Toscanini and Vasso restaurants. Saturday the 23rd is the last evening to be able to enjoy this experience. For bookings: marjolein@shop-for-a-week.com 

October 22, 2010

Frank Bruggeman at FlowerSALON/

Frank Bruggeman Flower SALON/ contributor and master of all things blue at Flower SALON/ Museum van Loon
Nature envelopes our surrounds, yet remains a much neglected entity. Frank Bruggeman uses living space and nature in ways that questions society's understanding of both ideas. Describing his work as "analysing and re-conceptualising human surroundings" Frank's use of blue to determine a lack of hierarchy makes his work both distinctive and room consuming....

Jos Bregman at Flower/SALON

Flower SALON contributor Jos Bregman on exhibit at Droog
(photocredit: Mimi Berlin)
Be part of Tree Mob the global community of tree lovers and join Jos Bregman in his quest for a better understanding of why trees are so important in this world. At Flower SALON/ Droog, you can purchase part of a tree (like Manon has done here) and in a few months time, you will be invited to a picnic with tea and cake, under one of the most prominent trees in Holland. Tree Mob is the first tree-centred online community in the world, and you can be a part of it by visiting Flower Salon/ at Droog, Amsterdam - see you for tea and cake very soon.

Join the Pipe at FlowerSALON/

Join the Pipe at FlowerSALON/ contributors making the world a better place to live...
Join the Pipe is a community of tap water drinkers from around the world. Encouraging people to use water from the tap, instead of the bottled variety, Join the Pipe is set to make the longest water pipe in history, by simply purchasing a ceramic pipe like those you see here. Join the 1778 members from around the world by visiting the JTP site right now... and be sure to visit their exhibit in Urban Green as part of FlowerSALON/

Willem de Rooij at FlowerSALON/

Willem de Rooij, FlowerSALON/ The Temporary Stedelijk Amsterdam

Bouquet V by Willem de Rooij in collaboration with Gerda's Bloemen is another refreshing exhibit for Flower SALON/.
Using 95 different flowers in a cylindrical vase with each flower being used only the once in the bouquet. de Rooij has used this idea to express the elimination of hierarchy instead focussing on diversity and "the tension between the individual and the collective".
To think so much thought can transpire from a bouquet of flowers is extraordinary - thank you for encouraging us to think beyond the usual Mr de Rooij.... from all of us at FlowerSALON/

Andreas Verheijen at FlowerSALON/

Step inside one of Amsterdam's most exclusive hotels, with your Flower SALON Passepartout
Jordan leads the way...
work by Flower Engineer Andreas Verhagen

Hotel De L'Europe doesn't normally open it's doors to strangers. One of the most distinctive hotels in Amsterdam, it is home to many prominent politicians, businessmen and people who make things happen. So when you enter the hotel, it is best to have a hotel key or Flower SALON Passepartout in hand so that Jordan or another hotel concierge can take you on a tour of the building currently being used to house the works of Andreas Verheijen, Wendelien Daan, Freudenthal/Verhagen and flowers from Ivy and Pom Pon. Thanks to Iman Ahimsa for these sublime photos of Andreas and Wendelien's work.

October 21, 2010

FlowerSALON/ at Menno Kroon

We love the work at Menno Kroon Flower SALON location in the Old South of Amsterdam. Inside there are floral delights for the senses and displays that work to warm you on a blisteringly cold day. 

Flower SALON contributor Yvonne Lacet at SALON /Urban Green

part of the Struik series by Yvonne Lacet
Here at Flower SALON we were very taken with the idea of new garden centre Urban Green. Opened just this August, it is still in the early stages of making a name for itself around Amsterdam, but we are sure it will only be a matter of time before more will pop up around town. When we went to check on the contributions from Join The Pipe, String Gardens and Yvonne Lacet we were happy to talk to the staff, who told us everyone had been impressed by the works in store. Urban Green is hoping to make 'Amsterdam a little more greener' according to one staff member - we give their vertical and roof garden displays the green thumbs up.

Be sure to check out Yvonne Lacet's photo exhibition on until November 20th at Galerie Bart

October 20, 2010

Hub Urlings through Boomwordtnetwerk at FlowerSALON/

Manon Schaap at FlowerSALON/talking Hub Urlings through Boomwordtnetwerk

Perfume Poster Art from Salon/1

Just B. covered the work of Maurice and Liesbeth from Salon/1 - here they are showing for Flower SALON/ at Droog don't miss out on seeing still life perfection 21st Century style. Photo thanks to Joris Bruring

October 18, 2010

Otto Berchem at FlowerSalon/

This is the work of Otto Berchem at Flower SALON/ Museum van Loon. Every day Otto comes to visit the Museum with a new set of flowers to make the installation. We talked to Annette Fehrmann from the Museum who said that she simply "had to have his work in the museum", as soon as she saw it presented to her by the SALON/ crew. "We support a lot of contemporary artists at Van Loon, and when I saw Otto's work I turned to my friend and said - let's go for it, this is exactly what I want."

October 12, 2010

Juliette Warmenhoven at Flower Salon/ Kabinet

Kabinet is no stranger to Salon/ and more importantly floral window displays. Juliette Warmenhoven has taken on the task of using Ferry van der Nat's window for her own artistic purposes during Flower Salon/... here are the first images taken yesterday from this Salon/ location

Grand Marnier officially sponsors Flower Salon/ opening at Droog!

be sure to stop by on the 15th at Droog and share in the celebrations with Grand Marnier official Flower Salon/ sponsors...

The Map of Flower Salon/ locations thank you Jan Rothuizen for the illustration...

Be sure to book to secure your passport and entrance to all locations... www.salon1.nl

October 9, 2010

The Global Diary entry by Andreas Verheijen

The Global Diary in an online project by Salon/ participants, knitwear label youasme. Today's entry is by Andreas Verheijen. He is one of the participants in the FlowerSalon/ (open the 14th of october and runs until the 24th on several locations in Amsterdam)


Thank you The Global Diary founders Twan and Mark for your Flower Salon/ support! 

Check out today's entry, its brilliant!