September 22, 2013

SALON/BJ: Designer Arrival

Finally, the Designers have arrived in Beiijng. Some arrived earlier this week and started working already. Others just arrived today. First thing to do was visit their exhibition spaces, in the Dashilar area of Beijing, together with the Chinese students whom they will be working with.

Desiree will be working together with Lily, she studies at CAFA, during her stay in Beijing. Like all designers, they will also create their work in the exhibition space. This one has a small courtyard. Manon Schaap takes all newcomers on a tour around the Dashilar area, showing and explaining the ins and outs on BJDW. She also teams up the Dutch participating designers and the Chinese students. Fifteen teams in total.

Desiree Hammen locking up her exhibition space.
No keys available yet for Borre Akkersdijk’s space (at Sanjing Huton number 12). Checking out fabrics he might need for his project instead.

Interacting with the locals first thing on arrival: Getting inspired by cute shoes made by Grandmother.
(Photo's by © Mimi Berlin) 

SALON/BJ: SALON/ in Beijing

SALON/BJ: SALON/ in Beijing, during BJDW : Beijing Design Week 2013.
September 26 - October 3, Dashilar, Beijing, China.

Breaking down the walls

With each new edition, SALON/ aspires to connect their existing network to new participants; this time to a creative network in Beijing. Far beyond traditional oppositions as between centre and periphery, craft and concept, design, fashion, art and commerce and autonomy, the project primarily addresses how new generations of artists and designers work (together) and give expression to their ideas in collaboration with the habitants, craftsmen and creative industry of Dashilar Hutong during BJDW.

During BJDW 2013, SALON/ will re-locate and domiciliate designers from Amsterdam and Beijing for 10 days in Dashilar where they will “break down the walls” between the disciplines, the creator and the spectator, the neighbourhood and the city. They will break down the differences between cultures by producing “in situ” installations and workshops and creating the possibility to participate among the designers and artists.

/BJ will innovate and create the process of collaboration and a SALON/route through Dashilar, a realtime experience and awareness of Design goes Dutch and will emphasize on the importance of co-operation and collaboration. SALON/BJ will inspire and engage a dialogue and reflection in between the participants, the locations, site-specific workshop/installations, the public and the inhabitants.

Participants from The Netherlands:
Borre Akkersdijk
Chris Kabel
Conny Groenewegen
Desirée Hammen
Dieter Volkers
Elisa van Joolen
Eric Roelen
Ernst van der Hoeven
Femke de Vries
Frank Bruggeman
Jan Rothuizen
Klaas Kuiken
Sander Wassink
Participants from China (or based in China):
Biin Shen
Dooling Jiang
Henny van Nistelrooy
Li Yongling
Nathan Zhang
T-D-Z-W (Lee Xibin/Yao Ye)
Yuan Yuan
Participants curated part:
Aliki van der Kruijs
Anouk Griffioen
Barbara Nanning
Cobbenhagen Hendriksen
Dagan Cohen/Upload Cinema
Deniz Buga
Elsien Gringhuis
Esther Dornhout Mees
Femke Agema
Femke van Gemert
Henriette Tilanus
Jan Willem Kaldenbach
Joris Landman
Juliette Warmenhoven
Lernert & Sander
Li Qing Xian
Linda Maissan
Liselore Frowijn
Lizan Freijsen
Lu Liang
Marga Weimans
Martin Butler
Mattijs van Bergen
Merel Boers
Mimi Berlin
Ni Haifeng
Painted Series
Pauline van Dongen
Petra Vonk
Petrovsky & Ramone
Reinier Bosch & Caroline Wilcke
Siba Sahabi
Soepboer & Stooker
Thomas Voorn
Tiong Ang
Viviane Sassen
Winde Rienstra

SALON/ is an initiative of Manon Schaap en Gijs Stork.
Photographer JW Kaldenbach will cover SALON/BJ. Blogging for SALON/BJ is done by Mimi Berlin.  
SALON/BJ is generously supported by the City of Amsterdam and Creative Industries Fund NL.