January 27, 2012

winterSALON/2012: Filling Street Art by Robin de Vogel

Robin de Vogel, a third year student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy who has lived in Aruba, is fascinated by the tangible signs of time, particularly those observed in architecture. These 'signs of decay' as she calls it are considered to be a flaw or something ugly. And therefore ignored. Robin de Vogel started repairing the holes and cracks in the city center of Amsterdam with self made pieces of ceramics which she glazed in a decorative manner, highlighting the signs of decay in the architecture by making them into little ornaments. She said: "In my work I try to pose questions about perception. The pieces blend in with the architecture and their presence is subtle, but at the same time they have a delicate decorative quality that grabs the viewers' attention. The project poses questions about aesthetics and underlines the temporal aspect of life". Across the winterSALON/2012 locations, she has repaired a tile, a broken curb, missing cement, or a hole.    


  1. Anonymous1/27/2012

    The concept and excecution is AMAZING...!!!!!

  2. To see beauty in everything is a gift. To create beauty everywhere you go is a prophecy! Your destiny ;-)

  3. Taking art to another level, penetrating into society and connecting with humanity as opposed to passively waiting in a museum. Superb!


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