May 19, 2012

MOAM - a 'cross-pollination’ between all disciplines of Dutch Fashion culture' / opening 14th of June / Keizersgracht 105 A'dam

The past sixty years have been very successful for the Dutch fashion-scene, according to MOAM. MOAM is a special exhibition concept of Martijn Nekoui which he created for his graduation at AMFI. Nekoui asked 24 contemporary fashion editors, designers, writers and artists to create a personal 'translation' of the work of twelve icons of Ducth fashion history. This marvelous concept of creating a bridge between the past and the present resulted in matching combinations and translations:

Avenue Magazine (1967-1994) by Frans Ankoné translated by Sonny Groo and Marco van Rijt;
Fashion illustrator Constance Wibaut (1920) translated by Georgette Koning;
Make-up artist Ellis Faas translated by Inglot Cosmetics;  
Fashion designer Frans Molenaar translated by Jan Boelo;  
Fashion designer Fong Leng translated by MaryMe-JimmyPaul;  
Topmodel Linda Spierings translated by Marte van Haaster;  
Painter Marte Röling (1936) translated by Martine Johanna;  
Art Personality Mathilde Willink (1938-1977) translated by Aynouk Tan;  
Photographer Paul Huf translated by Petrovsky & Ramone;  
Fashion designers Puck & Hans translated by Nelleke Strijkers and Wouter van den Brink; 
Fashion designers Viktor & Rolf translated by Winde Rienstra. 

The original piece and it's contemporary translation will be exhibited side by side to create a cross-polliniation on Dutch fashion and it's disciplines.  

date: June 15 till June 30 2012
location: Gallery Fontana Fortuna /  Keizersgracht 105 / Amsterdam
opening time: Thurday - Saturday 14:00 - 18:00 h 

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