January 19, 2011

Mode Man Made - The opening of winterSALON/ at Amsterdam Museum

It was a dreary winter's day, but behind the back gates of Amsterdam Museum you would be mistaken for thinking it was a glorious summer's day.
The opening day of winterSALON/ was a day of merriment, beginning with hot chocolate and cake early Saturday morning, to the works of fashion photographer Philippe Vogelenzang and stylist Karrouch Majid.
MODE MADE MAN sits a series of 29 portraits of various men that explores and questions the artistic side of fashion. These subjects are real, what they are wearing is fashion and how it is captured is art. 

to be seen at winterSALON/ - take a ride to the other side...

Calico, chalk and pins.. Annette Duburg Rixt van der Tol

The beauty that is...

Here is a preview of the first day of winterSALON/ what a day to meet, greet and be merry about this city's arts, culture and fashion industry

Museum van Loon

De Waag

Amsterdam Historisch Museum