June 30, 2013

SALON/Kant at De Oude Kerk

SALON/Kant at De Oude Kerk: Before the opening of Salon/Kant in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

And the exhibition at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

Click HERE for the complete series (photographs by Mimi Berlin's Blog)

June 28, 2013

Opening SALON/KANT-locatie Oude Kerk



June 26, 2013

Installation MENSCH MADE

"Every product has a front and a back. The front is what one sees and feels. The back tells us about the way a product is manufactured, who it made, where it was made, from what it was made and under which circumstances."

Based in Eindhoven, Mensch Made design believes that intelligent design puts as much effort in the back of the product as it does in the front. Mensch Made makes interior products, accessories and gifts while considering human and environmental issues. 

This beautiful piece hangs in the courtyard of Amsterdam Museum

June 23, 2013


Great article in the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands, de Telegraaf.

Thank you so much, Michou Basu. 


If you are or ever were interested in the art of lace-making, why don't you join us the 29th of June for our workshop bobbin lace with Gon Homburg, creator and inspirator of contemporary lace?

Hôtel Droog, 12.00-16.00, June 29th

If you would like to participate in the workshop, don't wait and sign up.
Please send an email to:


June 20, 2013

SALON/Kant: Installation LOKK

Landelijk Organisatie Kant Kunst took it upon themselves to showcase the highly complicated art of lace-making at the opening of SALON/KANT on June 15th. The ladies and one gentleman, also known as the LOKKertjes, sat down in the courtyard and parts of the magnificent Amsterdam Museum and enjoyed the audience with a display of an ancient art.

The purpose of LOKK is to promote lace-making and the manufacture thereof. At the Amsterdam Museum finished works of LOKK are on display. Have a look!

 Please have a look at the truly inspiring exhibition 'The golden age' at Amsterdam Museum.

June 18, 2013


Fashion designer Edwin Oudshoorn wasn't satisfied with just an installation at the stunningly beautiful Museum Het Grachtenhuis for the opening of the fourteenth edition of SALON/, SALON/KANT. He chose to give the public a little bit more, a little insight in the world of a fashion designer. Something that comes with the job: photo shoots.

Photo: Arie Vervelde

Especially for the opening of SALON/KANT Dutch fashion designer Edwin Oudshoorn organized a photo shoot using a beautiful model, who could have been Oudshoorns sister, I'm sure, but there was no family bond. The dress was extra long and needed a little hightening to give us a good view on the craftsmanship and lace-making that went into his couture piece. Lifting it made the dress even more impressive and the audience was in awe.

Edwin Oudshoorn (Lisse, 1980) is a former ArtEZ student. He graduated summa cum laude in 2004 and has been paving his own path in Dutch couture ever since. The starting point is observing people and watching them making choices. A famous quote of Oudshoorn is: "I make clothes, I don't do fashion." This is what he does best. Making timeless fairytale-like dresses for women to make them feel special. 

The pictures on the wall in Museum Het Grachtenhuis are a collaboration between Edwin Oudshoorn en photographer / artist Koen Hauser, also a long time friend of SALON/. Koen Hauser (1972) works as a photographer and visual artist. He finished his masters of science in social psychology (1996, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden), later followed by studying photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (2002).

 Edwin Oudshoorn and Koen Hauser are exhibited at Museum Het Grachtenhuis, Herengracht 386. 

June 16, 2013


We would like to thank everyone for attending our opening on the 15th of June. Under a sunny and blue sky we opened the fourteenth edition with a huge crowd of friends that came together in the garden of Museum cafe Mokum of the Amsterdam Museum. We are looking at a two month edition of SALON/KANT which is packed with art, fashion, design, workshops and special events.

For everyone that could not be there, you can purchase your passe-partouts at any location of SALON/KANT for only €15. Please take a look on our website and follow this blog for updates.

Especially for SALON/KANT Landelijke Organisatie Kant Kunst demonstrated a number of magnificant ways of lace-making. In their performance the public was invited to have a look and ask questions. The ladies and one gentlemen were eager to show and sometimes teach a few tricks of their own. After two hours and with a renewed love and respect for the art of lace-making we started the SALON/route. To be continued....

June 14, 2013

Press preview SALON/KANT

During a lovely sunny morning we took a view members of the press for a little preview of SALON/KANT. These journalists, bloggers and photographers were the first to witness a view of the beautiful works exposed at Museum Van Loon, Museum Willet - Holthuysen, Magazijn and Ons' Lieve Heer Op Solder. 

De Oude Kerk

Some installations were not fully completed but the press was happy to meet some present artists finishing their parts of our exhibition. The press did not hesitate to hit them with questions, which is a great opportunity for the artists to express themselves and explain their work. 

At Ons' Lieve Heer Op Solder textile designer Petra Vonk explained to us how she always seeks a combination between traditional and high tech techniques and how she is always pushing boundaries of computerized techniques, which drives her computer guys crazy. Vonk comes up with innovative knitwear and focusses on the application of textile. 

Petra Vonk, VPRO's Andrea van Pol, Ferry Magazine's Maurice Suyderhoud en Telegraafs Michou Basu. 

June 12, 2013


Juliette Warmenhoven (Hillegom 1981) graduated in 2010 at the ArtEZ Arnhem. With a mix of aesthetic elegance, refinement, and innovative and experimental work she draws attention to things that are often overlooked.

Installation PEET DULLAERT

Peet Dullaert (1989) graduated from ArtEz Arnhem in 2012 and founded his fashion house PEET DULLAERT the same year.
An exploration of luxury is considered so essential in the creation of the PEET DULLAERT collections.
With a view on the synergy between the practical demands of a modern wardrobe and desire to indulge in exquisite things, the PEET DULLAERT design approach reflects on traditional techniques in order to push forward sartorial possibilities. "the desire to indulge in exquisite things"