June 2, 2012

opening SALON/maastricht! Starting point: the loft of Maastrichts trainstation building - where no passengers are allowed

The Big M of Maastricht CS
Fresh filter coffee to take things slow and welcome everyone 
Desiree Hammen (participant of SALON/) with extravagant sunglasses from Hong Kong
The LAND group (participants of SALON/)  
A warm welcome from Manon Schaap & Gijs Stork (SALON/ team, right) and Guus Beumer (director of Marres and artistic director of Bureau Europa NAiM, left)
SALON/ sign 

SALON/maastricht had the privilage to use a very hidden place in the top of the old trainstation of Maastricht 
the SALON/ NS pavilion: left is a hand drawed work of John Franzen where every line is one breath in one stroke. In the centre a painting of Sidi el Karchi 'His Story' (2009)
Installation of NOMAN
work of Boy Bastiaens 

Pauline van Dongen
Antoine Peters 

Jacket and video by Ingo Binder
to be continued.......