January 3, 2011

Ferry van der Nat winterSALON/2011

SALON/ welcomes the work of  Ferry van der Nat  this coming winterSALON/.

A multitalented creative director, curator and composer of fashion SALON/ anticipates his vision on fashion & culture at winterSALON/

During the past SALON/1 and flowerSALON/ Ferry was instrumental in building the content and vision of SALON/

Ferry van der Nat is known as a creative with a delicate eye and brilliant knowledge of fashion history and its contemporaries. Nurturing fashion's future with his clever use of creative flair and eye for detail, Ferry is the owner of KABINET, Amsterdam, where one can experience the dynamic of excellence in vintage alongside a daring choice of young designers like MATTIJS, Sjaak Hullekes and SOBER.

We are very proud to welcome Ferry van der Nat at this coming winterSALON/ from the 15th til the 30th of January 2011 and looking forward to the wonderful experience that he will create again...