June 30, 2012

SALON/istanbul has opened its doors for you! Here is a first preview of some high lights ...

Pictures: Marij Rynja for SALON/ 

opening at the courtyard of the Amsterdam Museum, listening to Gijs Stork

opening with singer/theater director Khadija Massaoudi,
who confessed being in love with love and sang two Turkish love songs for us

In front of JC Herman at the Sint Jansstraat 15,
where Soepboer & Stooker show their digital printed silk scarfs in the windowdisplay

Zeynep Bacinoglu's Liquid Shells @ Amsterdam Museum

'Look at you' - amazing mannequin dolls with animated moving eyes dressed in the creations of Sara  Vrugt @ Magazijn 153

The mannequins of Sara Vrugt keep an eye on the SALON/crowd @ Magazijn 153

One of the many pictures of Dutch-Turkish photographer Ahmet Polat @ Magazijn153

The doors of the Oude Kerk give access to a breathtaking part of SALON/istanbul 
Tea Time Re-REPAIR fountain of JONGHLABEL @ De Oude Kerk 
One of the crafted designs of  BLAENK @ De Oude Kerk  
VROONLAND gives a preview of the product they're creating for the
Istanbul Design Bienial / SALON/TR @ Willet-Holthuysen 
The early adaptors of SALON/istanbul (the first visitors)'re watching the video projection of  Reinier Bosch & Marleen Folkerts and Hyun Yeu @ Willet-Holthuysen
This ceiling will never be the same now it has been transformed by BCXSY @ Willet-Holthuysen 
Side by side the purses of Tassenmuseum Hendrikje are the
dandy gloves of designer Gabriel Guevara
Mildew will never be the same again when its interpreted by Lizan Freijsen @ Museum van Loon 
The woman of Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan - an initiative of JONGHLABEL
demonstrate their crafts in the store of The Frozen Fountain
Last chance to see the exhibition of MOAM @ Fontana Fortuna. Here a dress by Winde Rienstra who translated the Flower Bomb parfume of Viktor & Rolf
Last chance to see the exhibition of MOAM @ Fontana Fortuna. Here a dialogue between old work of stylist Frank Ankone (left) translated by Sonny Groo (right)  
The end of the SALON/ tour and the opening of SALON/istanbul: De Slang. Enter this yellow door and step into a visual world of BEGINNINGS by Kidscase & Annemarieke van Drimmelen and a set design by X+L   

June 28, 2012

SALON/istanbul special events: Presentation ʻBlossomʼ by ZEM MEN (Samira Algoe) at Bijbels Museum, July 11

About Z E M. 

The label focuses on the transformation of archetypical menswear from a future forward perspective. Old is new again. Z E M is recognizable by its strong identity and style. A soft and authentic approach to menswear explores the identity of men. By bending the boundaries of menswear Z E M plays with the fragility of men. A sincere devotion to graphic formalism and structure is a source of inspiration for shape, colour and fabric.

For Z E M minimalism, attention to detail and ensuring high quality means wearable clothing for self assured, open-minded men who feel comfortable in their own skin. 

SALON/istanbul presents: JONGHLABEL / Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan & Tea Time


Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan, at work - jewelry exhibition
Everybody can memorize the old laced or crocheted tablecloths, which were used as interior decoration at your grandparent's house. The decorations are beautiful hand made design, but do not represent today's style anymore. The knowledge about handcraft techniques vanishes. JONGHLABEL regrets that these old artistic techniques disappear.
In order to renew interest in old handcraft techniques, JONGHLABEL started Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan. Together with women from different cultural backgrounds and from different parts of the city of Amsterdam, JONGHLABEL started a co-production project. These women still know how to practice Dantel (Turkish handcraft technique), tatting, lace and crochet. JONGHLABEL transfers the beautiful handmade fabrics into modern jewelry. By turning them into modern jewelry, JONGHLABEL hopes to renew people's interest in these beautiful old handcrafts.

Location: Meesteropleiding Coupeur - Jan Maijenstraat 11 (in the East of Amsterdam)

Special demonstration on June 30 at The Frozen Fountain
A special demonstration by the participants of JGOG can be admired during the opening of SALON/istanbul on June 30 at The Frozen Fountain (Prinsengracht 645) from 14.00-17.00. On every Saturday the jewelry designers are presented at the Jan Maijenstraat to show how they work.

Tea Time at De Oude Kerk
Meis and Anne de Jongh, the initiators of JONGHLABEL, will present their tea set 're-REPAIR' as a special installation in De Oude Kerk, as part of SALON/istanbul.

Location: De Oude kerk - Oudekerksplein 23

About the initiative: 
JONGHLABEL is founded by the two sisters, Meis & Anne de Jongh started JONGHLABEL to distinguish themselves from other design labels by producing their own designs. In their opinion, it is not only the physical appearance of a product that is important. The accompanying story is equally significant. The expertise of JONGHLABEL ranges from interaction design to product- and interior design, focussing on reviving old handcrafts by translating them into contemporary designs. In this, as they call, industrial handcraft, JONGHLABEL seeks the ability to propagate traditional techniques with the help of industrial production.  

June 22, 2012

the participants of SALON/Istanbul, an amazing long list of Dutch and Turkish design talent

A mixture of fashion design, product design, photography, fashion installations, exhibitions, video art and more. Maybe you do not know all names, but that's for you to find out visiting SALON/Istanbul and take the unqiue route through the city center of Amsterdam! 

Official opening and SALON/tour by the initiators of SALON on June 30 (saturday), starting at Amsterdam Museum at 11:00h 

Be sure to buy a passe-partout to support the SALON/ initiative and this special edition. Go to www.salon1.org/tickets

The PARTICIPANTS of SALON/istanbul 30 June-15 July 2012 in Amsterdam are: 

SALON/ISTANBUL is coming your way! Save the date - June 30 is the opening of SALON/Istanbul at 11:00 at Amsterdam Museum, where we'll start a special route with the initiators and designers of SALON/

June 21, 2012

SALON/Istanbul first release: BEGINNINGS - a photo-exhibition by Annemarieke van Drimmelen, kidscase and X+L

During SALON/Istanbul fashion photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen and clothing brand kidscase presents BEGINNINGS, a conjoint exhibition that crowns a long-term and fruitful collaboration between Van Drimmelen and Kidscase.
For BEGINNINGS Annemarieke van Drimmelen photographs children in or around their natural habitat and in this atmosphere of familiarity she almost incidentally registers intimate moments of these children’s every-day life. 
BEGINNERS is exhibited in a stage setting designed by X+L.   

We invite you to come to the grand opening on saturday June 30, from 4 till 7 pm at De Slang - Spuistraat 199 in Amsterdam. The general opening hours run from sunday July 1st till sunday July 8th from 12 till 5 pm. Please notice De Slang is closed on monday July 2nd. 

About the creators of BEGINNINGS: 

Annemarieke van Drimmelen is a Dutch (fashion) photographer and also makes free work. September 2011 she showed her photo project ‘Between Us: A Model’s Life’ during the Downtown program of the New York Fashion week. Kidscase and Annemarieke van Drimmelen have been working together for years and found each other in a natural, documentary approach that centres on the child, and not just on what it wears or how it looks.

Kidscase, founded in 2000 by Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk en Merel Verbrugge, is an independent Amsterdam company that designs subtle, minimalistic children’s wear while focusing on cut, refined details and the quality of materials used. A child wearing kidscase by all means remains a child and what it is wearing one realizes only in second instance. In addition kidscase has it’s collections produced increasingly by methods that are both fair to people and environmentally friendly; by working with organic cotton and by cooperating with socially certified suppliers.

X+L (Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel) are the designers of the stage set of BEGINNINGS. Their installation furthermore emphasizes the intimate and personal character of the black & white images of Annemarieke van Drimmelen. X+L’s fitting up of the raw, industrial space of De Slang adds to this ambience of quietness. 

June 18, 2012

SALON/s Marga Weimans and Edwin Oudshoorn show new collections

We can say that fashion designers Marga Weimans and Edwin Oudshoorn have joined the SALON/ team for many editions and every time enrich the SALON/route with breathtaking installations at SALON/Maastricht, winterSALON/2012 and SALON/2. During AIS/Aruba they flew in a complete collection to present at Aruba's first fashion week, as part of SALON/ last year.
This year, both are invited to show at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Marga Weimans shall open the event with her first catwalk show helt in the Netherlands and present another collection off-stage called 'The Fashion House', a collection representing 'the foot print of her fashion label', she said in an interview.
Like Mattijs van Bergen closed last years fashion week, its Edwin Oudshoorns turns to wrap this fashion into enclosure.
More on Edwin Oudshoorn on this blog, click here.
More on Marga Weimans on this blog, click here.
Two looks by Marga Weimans showed during SALON/Maastricht last June, in the window display of Mouchachas Designer Boutique 

June 15, 2012

visit the patio at Droog for an amazing garden experience June 15-16-17

Droog, one of SALON/s regular exhibition locations, has been transformed into a willy wonka kind of dream world! Worthwile to visit, as part of the open garden days in Amsterdam on June 15,16 and 17. Each year the Open Garden Days have a special theme, and this year its 'Coach houses and Garden Houses'. 

June 11, 2012

SALON/maastricht: Marcha Huskes, Petra Herzog and Norbert Grunschel at the Wild West Gallery

 On the first floor of Traders Pop hides the Wild West Active Space, where we could enjoy the fashion design of Marcha Huskes, the curtains of Petra Herzog and abstract photowork of Norbert Grunschel. 

The Marcha Hüskes collections are built on the concept of elegant functionality; an effortless mix of luxury and wearability. The prêt-à-porter collections are created by using only the finest quality Italian materials for their essential sensation of comfort, and applying advanced and up to date techniques. Her collections are mostly appreciated for their tailoring and refined, distinguished detailing. “I mainly design dresses, small collections for women who appreciate the subtlety of the cut and details that make these dresses special”. Marcha Hüskes wants to create a ‘sense of couture’ whilst offering a perfectly wearable look dressing women for both day and night time. Marcha’s collections are never about major seasonal changes; they evolve, telling a continuos story about texture and contrast, color, material and silhouet. This story is the red thread and main inspiration for showing a feminine sophisticated Slow Fashion Collection. 

The geometrical, pleated curtains are a design of Petra Herzog.

June 10, 2012

SALON/maastricht: The diary canvasses of Branko Popovic at Scope13

Branko Popovic is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and one of the founders of Maastrichts unique fashion event FASHIONCLASH. In 2005, he graduated from the fashion/textile department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. His work consists of fashion collections and autonomous work like photography, illustrations and drawings.
Once a year, during FashionClash, he shows his fashion collection consisting meanly theatrical show pieces, because Popovic explains he likes to balance between non-wearable clothes, the show itself and the experience of making the collection. At Scope13 in the Heggenstraat he showed five paintings. Each painting is like a diary; for months he uses it as a memo. Literally. Each diary canvas was the starting point of a collections.

posted by SALON/

SALON/Maastricht: MARRES !!! LAST DAY!!!

Fabian von Spreckelsen:
Gazing and dreaming into an Indian summer full of colorful leaves  
coated garden. Our eye catches a point of new beginning and for remembrance. A Phoenix nest: Phoenix Nest - Where our memories are laid to rest, Where our new thoughts are evoked, Tranquilizing, Evaporating, Energizing, Transforming our transience.
Every Phoenix nest is unique and is handcrafted with exclusive Corten Steel, molded with fire into a one of a kind masterpiece. A portable fireplace as a neat outdoor fireplace resembling natures Fire Mountains.
‘a personal experience of nature in the urban environment’

Led by Dutch designers Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts, Painted Series is a collective that blurs the lines between fashion and performance, and expands the idea of what a garment can be.

The result of an investigation that began with questioning the relevance and meaning of luxury and the luxury-industry in our modern consumption-driven society, Silent Shout consists of a family of characters that aspire to redefine our understanding of what luxury should be all about.

Based on the role that the dandy assumes in society and the way he thinks about his essence, these personalities represent a vision that is sensitive towards the concept of ‘instrumental materialism’ (the pursuit and owning of objects for individual and social meaningful reasons), the role that accessories and jewellery play in their interaction with humans, and the potential of emptiness relative to creation, refinement and meaningfulness.

The focus lies ultimately on characters depicting differing manifestations of this vision, while in transition between the experimental and the classic state, the latter being the one in which there is absolute harmony between the different components and which would represent the fulfillment of luxury as creature: a creator.

Kaspar Hamacher uses fire to create objects. Fittingly named ‘ausgebrannt’ which means ‘burned out’ in german. Tree trunks have been cut into segments varying in length.
The bark is stripped from the exterior and fire is then used to hollow out parts of the trunk to create legs. Kaspar moved back to the forest where he now runs his atelier. This sculpture brought him back to his roots.


Embroidery artist Desiree Hammen (1976) graduated at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and trained at the famous Ecole Lesage in Paris, France. In her work she combines haute couture techniques with DIY skills, exploring the beauty of imperfection. For her punk and intuitive style she can be called the enfant terrible of haute embroidery couture techniques for taking traditional crafts to another level.
Please, read our earlier post on Desiree Hammens pink world installation following this link.

June 9, 2012

Upstairs at Marres!

Felix Baumsteiger captures his life and environment in a very intuitive way, presenting a world where the distinction between reality and fiction is blurred, as if the viewer is watching a private photo book of memories and dreams. The exhibition consists of a selection of images, both early pieces and recent works, that reflect the way we envisage past experiences in our minds. 
Women’s label Conny Groenewegen offers innovation in knitwear. Her signature ‘soft-tech’ concept combines modern technology with traditional handwork, while blending a straightforward ‘Dutch’ approach with an international appeal and sophistication. The Conny Groenewegen label is nourished by her creativity and ability to develop new techniques and possibilities in fashion -- assuring the best possible materials, quality and integrity in each design. These uncompromising standards require a deep understanding of time, meticulous attention to details and a close working relationship with a network of craftspeople and creative professionals. Since establishing her brand in 2006 Conny Groenewegen has worked with other international designers and brands such as Alexander van Slobbe, Yoshiki Hishinuma and Droog Design.
Esther de Groot was born in Enschede, the Netherlands in 1981. She graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven (2007-2009). After graduating she started her own Studio at the Kanaalstraat in Eindhoven. Besides working for different clients as Bas Kosters Studio en TU/e she also works on projects of her own in the field of Graphic Design and Character Design/Storytelling.
Most of the works by Femke de Vries are fashion related, some in result other in process. Her multidisciplinary approach of fashion related values started an ongoing process in which she questions the myths of products, (context, temporality, definition) and refers to the subjective view of the artist and public. By doing so, she tries to show hidden meanings, myths. She explains: "Myths, according to Roland Barthes, submit what is considered as natural, universal and self-evident. Though this is actually culturally and historically determined and therefore not natural or self-evident”.
Therefore her works aren’t developed with the aim to be final. The products, installations and publications are mostly fragments of a process in which meaning and definition is questioned. She often, to challenge the process, chooses a tightly constructed starting point to see what happens when executed. Like ‘making sure a product refers to nothing beside itself’ or ‘reducing the role of the designer to a minimum’.
“My work is a reflection of what I see, how I perceive life around me and what kind of feelings and thoughts it causes in me. I see my photographs like some sort of window, they are stories and inspirations, which everybody may experience in a personal way. They should stimulate our fantasy and give space to enjoy feelings, memories and dreams in the present moment. It’s always a search for personal contact and meaning or for special moments of passion and intimacy, based on a silent dialogue between outer and inner perception. I wish to give a positive inspiration to the people around me and share my gratefulness and respect for the magic of the moment and the feeling of being.”