January 20, 2012

winterSALON/2012: Atelier Edwin Oudshoorn


Edwin Oudshoorn makes couture clothing but does not limit himself to what is currently in fashion. Instead, much of his work comes from the observation of people and places around him. Edwin Oudshoorn graduated on Fashion Design at the ArtEZ institute of the Arts in 2004 with a collection based on his experiences growing up in a small village. Since then, amongst others, he has been asked to present collections at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Gemeente Museum in The Hague and the Teylers Museum in Haarlem. He showed his collection ‘Pining for the Heavens in 2010 at Mussee de la vie Romantique in Paris during the Couture Week.
Last summer, he presented the collection ‘Wie ein Hinde’ as part of SALON/2 in Amsterdam and was invited to take part in the first Aruban fashion week, also as part of SALON/ and Aruba In Style.

During winterSALON/2012 Edwin Oudshoorn will exhibit his collection he designed especcialy for Aruba In Style at his new Atelier, found at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal 97. Also, Edwin will show in the etalage of Maison de Bonneterie.   


    • Wanneer
      donderdag 2 februari 2012
    • Tijd
      17:00 tot 19:00
  • Waar
    Edwin Oudshoorn Couture, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 97, 1012EL Amsterdam
  • Beschrijving
    Please join me to celebrate the opening of my new Salon and Atelier with an exhibition as part of Winter SALON 2012.

    I realise this is short notice, so if you can't make it, the exhibition is open from 28th January until 5th February from 12:00 - 17:00 every day.

    See you then,


winterSALON/2012: Painted Table Dress at Museum Van Loon

Painted Table Dress
In the spirit of Painted Series, where designs evolve with more than one pair of hands, Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts of Painted created a special concept for AIS SALON/ in Aruba last november 2011: the Painted Table Dress. It’s a dress annex table cloth in order of a special workshop: 16 people, varying from social workers, creative artists, local entrepreneurs and a fashion blogger, who get together to embroider on this table dress. 
The assignment of Painted to the volunteers was: embrace what you get, like it is a gift, and bring it a level further. In other words: your creations will be the starting point for someone else. Like a canon. And that's not easy, to let go your personal embroidery you have worked on!
During the workshop Saskia and Margreet explained a few basic embroidery techniques and created a visual dialogue with the colorful yarns between the mixture of people. All participants of the workshop made a fantasy fish, water waves, a fantasy bird and treads that leaded to the top of the cloth.

The end result
For Painted it was an emotional moment seeing their effort and creation get together so well on the day of the final presentation, when the dress was reveiled as part of a special performance by dancer Alydia Wever. It was exactly what they wished for when they created the idea of a table dress two years ago. "It felt really, really good, its a disclosure so perfect it moved me deeply", Margreet Sweerts said. Sakia van Drimmelen: "The idea was already there, but never the right moment. We were asked two years ago to create a table cloth, but just making a table cloth and present it in a shop felt unnatural and not 'painted' like. I knew all along this table cloth should be a made by more than one pair of hands. I saw people sitting around the table and embroider together, even when you never did that before. I am really happy with the result."

The project of the Painted Table dress is SALON/ pur sang. The Painted Table Dress can be admired in Museum Van Loon.

Video Table Speech 
In Museum van Loon the video of the Table Dress presentation in Aruba will be showed, made by Ken Wolff, called 'Table Speech'. Its a video that have captured how time stood still on the shores of Aruba the day of the presentation.  

Come and see this exclusive and breath taking concept of Painted at winterSALON/2012. Please, order your tickets at www.salon1.org/tickets or buy a ticket at the museum. 

Painted Table Dress, in cooperation with Painted Series, Alydia Wever (dance), Michael Lampe (music), Scol di Arte, UNOCA and SALON/.
About Painted
Led by Dutch designers Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts, Painted Series is a collective that blurs the lines between fashion and performance, and expands the idea of what a garment can be. 

For more information visit www.paintedseries.com 

winterSALON/2012: Alet Pilon 'Between life and death is the field of dying'

‘Between life and death is the field of dying. 
Dying goes together with hope, despair, fear, struggle, denial, impalpability and vulnerability. 
To represent this field between life and death, I use the human body as a metaphor for life, the (parts of an) animal as metaphor for death’.  - Alet Pilon 

A key element in the work of Alet Pilon is the force between humans and animals. By combining animal material, imitation fur and human body parts Pilon represents this force field: on one hand we are fascinated by the animal world, the beauty of mother nature and its destructive power; on the other we are the ones who threaten nature and the animal kingdom with extinction due to our consumption and luxurious needs. This paradox relationship is what Pilon reflects in her artifacts, with elemens from fashion, biology and crafts.

The art work of Alet Pilon can be admired at Museum Willet-Holthuysen and Ons'Lieve Heer op Solder as part of winterSALON/2012. Order your tickets HERE.

Note: Recently the book ‘Not Me’ is published, about the work of Alet Pilon. (Published by d’Jonge Hond)