November 4, 2011

'Muhe Frida', a multidisciplinary performance of Alydia Wever + special Frida Kahlo exposition

Alydia Wever's fascination for Frida Kahlo was encouraged by the biography of Hayden Herrera in 2002. Alydia Wever: “Frida Kahlo has become a universal role model as the independent feminist whos physical, emotional and spiritual pain is shaped in confrontational and intrusive images”. Since then, Wever began her artistic journey to give shape to a new multidisciplinary dance theater project called ‘Muhe Frida’, where she and many friends have worked on for almost two years. 
‘Muhe Frida’ shows seven paintings of Frida Kahlo in scenario form. Combined with modern dance as the basis, four young female guest dancers from Aruba, Holland, Cuba and Canada gave a dynamic interpretation and adoration for the female power of Frida Kahlo. The show started outside, where different Frida’s waited like frozen soldiers, in front of the audience. The second part of the show was in the lobby, where pupils of Alydia Wever danced with painted skull faces. Part three was the equal show.
Every time the curtain opened, a new painting revealed, as well as the costumes & art work (various Aruban designers have cooperated on this project), atmosphere and style of music, the over-all choreography, the emotions of the movements, the combination of video art, Frida’s poems, Mexican songs, the light….but most of all the resemblance and identification of Alydia Wever with her idol Frida Kahlo was remarkable.
After the premiere in Cas di Cultura, Aruba's main theater house, a special 'Muhe Frida' exposition was opened, where contemporary female artists had created art works inspired by the life or the work of Frida Kahlo.

Opening scene - from under the skirt four dansers stept out on stage 

Petra Lunenberg 

Osaira Muyale

Alydia Wever

Jess Wolff

posted and photographed by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/

JESS WOLFF @ Protestant Church - AIS/SALON

The work of Jess Wolff is about superstition, what refers as well to herself as the Aruban culture. When its full moon, they believe that you have to cut your hair, or that the next day you will transform yourself. 
The dress Jess Wolff created is a ritual full moon dress, that symbolizes the pulling and drawing force a full moon has on her. “I was born on a full moon eve”, she said. Therefore she will perform in this dress on her 30th birthday to worship it. The hair on front of the dress and the wrinkles in the skirt symbolise the moon's pulling effect: “ Its pulling from the core, the roots from out of the ground”.

posted by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/

Mode Made Man @ Men's Club, House of Mosaic, by Fernando Mansur

Mode Made Man presentation of Philippe Vogelenzang & Majid Karrouch at night - photo: Marij Rynja 

House of Mosaic / Men's Club :
Mode Made Man (Philippe Vogelenzang & Majid Karrouch) / Freudenthal/Verhagen / Hyun Yeu / Quoc Thang / Koen Hauser / Robin de Vogel / Fantastic Man / Rebecca Roos / Rob ter Haar & Hugo Palmer / Michael Lampe

photo by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/

One Painted Table Dress and 16 pair of hands who embraced the gift of the other

Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts of PAINTED presented a new concept for AIS SALON/ in Aruba: the painted table dress.
In the spirit of Painted, where designs evolve with more than one pair of hands, they designed a dress annex tablecloth in order of a special social workshop. 16 people - varying from social workers, creative artists, local entrepreneurs and myself - get together to embroider on this table dress with a nice top at the end.
Their assignment to us was: embrace what you get, like it is a gift, and bring it a level further. In other words: your creations will be the starting point for someone else. Like a canon. And that's not easy, to let go your first embroidery you have worked on full of ideas and expectations about the result!

During the workshop Saskia and Margreet explained a few basic embroidery techniques and created a visual dialogue with the colorful yarn between the mixture of people. All participants of the workshop made a fish, water waves, a fantasy bird and treads that leaded to the top of the cloth.
The end result is showed last Friday by a local performer, Alydia Wever, who will dance a custom made choreography dressed in our co-created table dress. Read more about this performance on this blog or click here.

Supported by Scol di Arte and Unesco.

Choose the yarn
Fantasy Fish

Bird and Fish

posted by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/