October 16, 2012

Maryme-JimmyPaul at Uğurlugil Supermarket

JW Kaldenbach
photocredit: JW Kaldenbach

Bright colors in a brightly lit supermarket. Maryme-JimmyPaul lives up this tiny supermarket in the French passage in the neighborhood of Karaköy.

The collection is a tribute to an epic character, the deceased beauty queen JonBenet Ramsy. The attributes of her pageantry are the icons of a doomed world of constant self-representation. 

Maryme-JimmyPaul is a combination of forces united in Amsterdam. With an assortment of backgrounds that bring together art, architecture, fashion and sculpture they offer an unique projection and perspective of the world around them. Maryme-JimmyPaul works within the area that exists between art and fashion. Taking inspiration from their own created stories, worlds, people and perspectives on current (and past) pop culture; they present fashion in a different way. 


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