October 16, 2012

Marga Weimans at Vasa Woodcarving

Photo by JW Kaldenbach

The ambition of SALON/ is to intertwine location, public and designer. This picture of Marga Weimans at VASA Woodcarving is not only breathtaking but also an example of a successful integration of design in its surrounding.

Marga Weimans is a fashion house which explores and pushes the borders of fashion by incorporating elements from various other creative disciplines, such as architecture, industrial design and fine arts. For this dress the designer has also developed the woven fabric herself and combined it with inspiration from an iconic silhouette by Christian Dior. By closely studying this dress and conducting many experiments to find the perfect structure and shapes she created the Apartment Dress as part of the installation ' Fashion House: Most Beautiful Dress in the World'. 



  1. Anonymous10/16/2012

    so beautiful!

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