July 3, 2011

SALON/2 presents: Petra Lunenburg - Giant Angels - Droog

                                                                                                         Image: 'Giant Angels - Petra Lunenburg' by Marij Rynja 2011

Words such as dynamic, suggestive, free and linear can be used to describe Petra Lunenburg’s fashion drawings. Though traditional in terms of technique and subject, her work is usually far from that. 
For SALON 2 Petra Lunenburg created ‘Giant Angels’, a collage of blown ups based on much smaller drawings recently created during her stay in New York City where she studied Life figure drawing. By playing with scale and combing images unexpected stories appear adding a new layer to her work. ‘Giant Angels’ picture a world freed from nowadays beauty standards, ambiguously sweet and provocative, but most of all highly intimate.

Illustrator artist Petra Lunenburg obtained a degree in Fashion Design at ARTEZ, The Netherlands. Represented by The Angelique Hoorn Agency in Amsterdam, she has worked for clients such as Adidas, Nike, G-Star, ELLE & Red. Alongside she showed several times as a fine artist, in The Netherlands, as well as in New York (2010 & 2011) & San Francisco (2011). She recently received a grant by The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, to study ‘Life figure drawing’ at The Art Students League in New York City.

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