July 3, 2011

SALON/2 presents: BAS KOSTERS - Free Work 2010/2011 - Droog

"My exhibition is a collage of my free work from 2010 and 2011. Next to my latest dolls it contains a series of drawings made as communicative gestures sent into the world through my blog. Characters are an important part of my universe and I am most passionate about creating new individuals.   

Strings Attached is a new addition to a project that I started during my master at FIA (Fashion Masters ArtEZ Arnhem, red.)  There I designed an item called sliertie animeaux, and it is the inspiration for a technique that I now and then use.
This January I made three outfits for my fashion mutant collection, with the significant ripped fabric strings. 
I decided now is the time to go back to my original idea and create a major follow up that will be a starting point of a new series of works". 

Bas Kosters, 2011. 
image: 'Bas Kosters Salon/2' - Marij Rynja 2011         .
Bas Kosters (1977) was graduated from the Fashion Institute Arnhem in 2003, where straight after he got instand recognition winning the Robijn Fashion Award. During the 2009 edition of the Dutch Fashion Awards Bas Kosters won the Dutch Fashion Incubator Award 2009 and in 2010 he won the Dutch Fashion International Incubator Award 2010.

In 2005 Bas founded the Amsterdam-based Bas Kosters Studio as a platform to host all his fashion and fashion-related projects (including graphic design, music and art performances). Bas is well known as a multitalented, eclectic designer with a keen eye for innovation in both fashion and arts. His work is highly recognizable by his rich use of color, intensive embroideries, signature prints and a unique sense of humour, resulting in a multidisciplinary oeuvre, which evolves over time.
Bas Kosters is a strong and growing brand resulting in presentations of his work all over the world and collaborations with leading brands like Bugaboo, Coca Cola Light, Mattel, Heineken and Kiyichi Jeans.
Bas Kosters fashion, dolls and drawings can be purchased at the SALON/2 Pop up Store - Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153, Amsterdam

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