July 3, 2011

AMIE DICKE - After-Image/Under-current - Museum Van Loon

“Every attentive perception truly involves a reflection, that is to say the projection, outside ourselves, of an actively created image, identical with, or similar to, the object on which it comes to mould itself. If, after having gazed at any object, we turn our eyes abruptly away, we obtain an ‘after image’ of it: must we not suppose that this image existed already while we were looking?

Memory creates anew the present perception; or rather it doubles this perception by reflecting upon it either its own image or some other memory image of the same kind. If the retained or remembered image will not cover all the details of the image that is being perceived, an appeal is made to the deeper and more distant regions of memory, until other details that are already known come to project themselves upon those details that remain unperceived. And the operation may go on indefinitely; memory strengthening and enriching perception, which
in its turn becoming wider, draws into itself a growing number of complementary recollections.

There comes a moment when the recollection thus brought down is capable of blending so well with the present perception that we cannot say where perception ends or where memory begins”.  From: Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory.

Amie Dicke (born 1978, The Netherlands) is an artist based in Amsterdam. She completed her degree in Fine Art from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.
Dicke’s work has been shown internationally at galleries and museums such as the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Germany, Tate Modern and Project Space 176 in London, FLAG Art Foundation, New York, and Art Centre Silkeborg Bad in Denmark. Her work is featured in several collections including the Zabludowicz Collection, Takashi Murakami Collection and the City Collection of Rotterdam through the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. She is represented by Peres Projects in Berlin, Galerie Diana Stigter in Amsterdam and Hiromi Yoshii in Tokyo. 

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