July 14, 2011

Salon/2 presents: NOMAN - 'Jeman' - Droog

NOMAN is a new collective, founded by fashion designer Selina Parr, in which she involves professionals from various areas of expertise to realize joint projects surrounding her collections. Selina regards teamwork as the joining of forces, by ways of requesting participants, whom she regards as equals in her way of thinking, to be involved in discussions. 
NOMAN was born out of an idea to work together as equals, in creating a alternative world under one name in which an egos are subordinated.
For the individual members of NOMAN, creating a collection does not end by the clothing itself, it is creating an overall picture. Multiple disciplines merge together to express the "fashion phenomenon" as a joint artwork. Fashion is more than a garment, it is the sum of its parts and is revealed in applied artworks, like photography, film, installations and illustrations. Structural collaboration with specialists from different disciplines will add an extra dimension to the creation, with the ultimate goal to give concept of "fashion" a broader interpretation. 

At Salon/2 NOMAN presents it's contention in an installation that is the result of a collaboration between Selina Parr and Lara Tolman. The installation is called JEMAN. 


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